How To Take Apart An Ashley Recliner Chair

Last Updated : Aug 2, 2021

How To Take Apart An Ashley Recliner Chair

In this article we will show you how to take apart an Ashley recliner chair, taking apart your Ashley recliner chair is performed to update a somewhat perfectly functional chair by replacing the existing covering.

Many people believe that putting anything together is difficult, but that doing the opposite is simple. Although disassembling an Ashley recliner is not difficult, it does necessitate some attention and care.

The types of screws utilised and the configuration of the support bearings differ slightly in most current recliners.

However, it is safe to assume that if you learn the fundamentals of disassembling at least your Ashley recliner, you will be able to tackle models from other brands in the future.

Step By Step Guide On How To Take Apart An Ashley Recliner Chair :-

  1. Firstly You have to Prepare zippered plastic bags. Then Label them by couch part so you can keep little pieces of hardware like screws that come off the couch. One bag should be labelled "footrest parts” and other as “headrest” for your own convenience.
  2. Then To remove the back of the seat and the armrests from the sofa, you can adjust any levers you find in the back of the sofa. If you are using buttons or even a navigation system to stretch the footrest and recline the back of your Ashley reclining sofa, unplug it.
  3. If this phase is skipped, it may result in bodily injury or an electrocution hazard.
  4. After that you have to Place the sofa on its back. Then Remove the footrest and headrest from the bottom and top of the couch. To remove these elements from the metal plate, use a spanner or a screwdriver.
  5. Remove the couch's tray if present. Take pictures of the recliner as you disassemble it with a camera. When it comes time to rebuild the couch, the photos will come in helpful.
  6. To remove the arms from the sofa, loosen the levers, bolts, or screws on the sides of the couch and arm brackets.
  7. Find out where the releasing mechanisms are. Release mechanisms can be found in the back of the sofa or in the hollow space beneath the seats, depending on the type of your Ashley couch and the year it was constructed.
  8. If you have a fabric-upholstered recliner or a comparable model, the back of the sofa may include a fabric panel that is removable.
  9. You can then Insert your fingertips into the creases in the back of the sofa if it's made of metal or if it doesn't have such a Velcro panel.
  10. You might feel a lever that separates the back of the couch from the rest of the couch. You might require a screwdriver to tweak and loosen the lever within the seam if it seems tight.

After that the process is over, you should have many neat loads and loads of arranged pieces and also an Ashley recliner chair that has been totally dismantled.

Remember where you put each piece so you can construct the chair quickly. I hope this article on how to take apart an Ashley recliner chair helps you.