How To Cover Recliner Sofa

Last Updated : May 29, 2021

How To Cover Recliner Sofa

In this article we will show you how to cover recliner sofa, you can cover your sofa or recliner With any quilted, reversible Couch Coat. This will keep your new couch look fantastic for years, or refresh an old sofa.

Simply lay the couch cover flat and tuck it up to 92 inches into any size sofa. This for a chic, cosy pet hair shield, claws, messy spills, and more will be avoided when you cover your sofa.

Many individuals prefer to cover old sofas that show signs of wear and tear and you can also shield their sofas from pets or dirt.

For an inexpensive and easy solution, add a no-sew cover to your sofa.

Step By Step Guide On How To Cover Recliner Sofa :-

Step 1

For your easy to use cover, choose a material to get it made. It is completely up to you if you want to purchase something new or use something you already have at home.

You can use old Blankets, boards, drop-cloths, and tablecloths because these are the fabrics that fit well for making covers. You can also order these covers online from any suitable website like amazon.

Step 2

Not To decide where to cut it so that it fits your sofa hood it to put the material over your sofa. Remove from the couch all pillows and cushions, you can leave the cushions in place if you want to.

Find out the direction the fabric has to go in order to fully cover the couch on both sides.

If the material you picked would not cover anything properly, then you should buy a very big drop-cloth so that you can make a cover of your desired fittings.

Step 3

For the front sitting and for the back of the sofa, cut out a piece of cloth. a lot of fabric needs to be available so that it gets tucked into the couch's edge.

Then make the generous cuts. The back of the fabric piece should cover the couch's back and bottom, and the sides and back should meet the edge.

The piece for the couch's seat should be big enough to cover the entire sofa.

Step 4

Then you can Cover the recliner sofa seat and then tuck the corners into the sofa's extreme corners. The cushions of the seat must be covered with the cover and overlay them with the second piece of material.

Tuck the fabric around the sides and the back so that it does not come out. You can use a needle to stitch them or you can use a stapler gun also. You can also use glue to fix the corners.

This way you can cover your recliner sofa properly if you keep the above points in mind.

You can lay on your new recliner sofa and enjoy the feeling of a new sofa. It will make you feel relaxed and refreshed. I hope this article on how to cover recliner sofa helps you.