Electric Recliner Reset Button - Here Is The Solution

Last Updated : Jun 15, 2021

Electric Recliner Reset Button - Here Is The Solution

In this article we will show you how to solve electric recliner reset button issue, some individuals can recall experiencing the occasions when their recliner realised it did not want to function.

They could have a recliner that is not at all reclining or trapped in a reclining position and will not return to a usual standing posture.

To assist those who want to save energy / cost and conduct the repair oneself, this guidance is required.

In effort to shift the recliner into multiple roles to reach the work area, this substitution guide will ask the assistance of someone else.

Step By Step Guide On How To Solve This Electric Recliner Reset Button Issue :-

  • Detach the wall outlet from the power supply, power adapters, surge protectors, power strip, and wall plug
  • To have room to operate around it and have room to push the recliner into different positions as required to reach and display the task or repair, shift the lounge chair to an open space or workspace.
  • To close the cap and reveal the pure bending of a round power switch to the recliner's mounting for the switch, exert pressure by pressing in and rotating the screw cover in a clockwise direction.
  • And use a regular Philips screwdriver or power drill with a Philips , 2 screwdriver bit, extract four 25.4 mm (or 1 inch) Philips and 2 screws.
  • Turn the recliner over there to reveal the 5-prong connector, which is attached to the recliner motor at one end of the age switch cord.
  • Through pushing it directly back and away from the 5-prong connector on the engine, detach the 5-prong plug from the engine unit.
  • Then for repair, take the power button out from its casing.

I hope this article on solving this electric recliner reset button issue helps you.