How To Replace Recliner Footrest Springs

Last Updated : Jul 28, 2021

How To Replace Recliner Footrest Springs

In this article we will show you how to replace recliner footrest springs, footrest wheels are one of the most commonly broken pieces of a chair. This occurs frequently and negatively impacts the experience of many users.

However, repairing the footrest of a reclining chair is not difficult. All you have to do now is read about the elements that could be damaged, all the equipment you need to get it fixed and how to get it fixed.

And you'll be ready to deal with your footrest spring problem there's always a remedy, whether it's because the footrest spring is rigid, stuck, or just won't adjust. Every chair footrest should glide smoothly up and down.

If a footrest does not glide smoothly up and down, it is likely due to a lack of lubricant.

This could also be due to loose screws or nuts. For this process, you need some things like lubricant, screwdrivers, a piece of Cloth and Bolts or screws.

Step By Step Guide On How To Replace Recliner Footrest Springs :-

  • Turning your chair recliner over down is the first task you must complete. You'll be able to view what's really going on within the footrest and mechanism this way.
  • Then you have to Check for any rusty or loose screws, bolts, or pins. If you notice any parts that require tightening or replacing, do so. This will most likely assist in permanently resolving the stiffness issue.
  • You have the option of replacing broken or rusty screws with new ones made of larger bits. They will remain firmly attached to the wood for a longer period of time and with greater strength than if they were not. Other elements that appear to be loose should really be secured as well.
  • You might have corrected the item after tightening everything up. Even if you have, it is still suggested that you proceed and lubricate the footrest bushings.
  • Try to have the towel cloth handy by before applying any lube so you can clean yourself. Also, to protect your floor, place a thick towel or newspaper beneath the recliner. After that, you can continue to work on getting the oil to operate.
  • The lubricant should be sprayed or applied wherever joints and bushings are visible. This will assist you with removing any dust, rust, or simply getting the part to perform properly. Whether something was wrong, try moving the arm or element up or down to check if it now fits perfectly.
  • After you've applied lube and you have made sure that almost all of the elements are functioning correctly, you can continue to put all of the screws together now and double-check that they're all snug.
  • Finish by wiping away any remaining grease or oil with the towel cloth. Then you should be able to relax and enjoy your recliner footrest without any discomfort.

After following all the above steps, in case the footrest of your chair still doesn’t work, then It is usually better to call an expert or take your chair to a manufacturer's repair shop if the footrest is stiff because certain parts inside are broken.

This would be a better option than doing it yourself and risking permanently ruining the artwork I hope this article on how to replace recliner footrest springs helps you.