How To Take Apart A Power Reclining Sofa

Last Updated : Jun 10, 2021

How To Take Apart A Power Reclining Sofa

In this article we will show you how to take apart a power reclining sofa, if you need to shift your bulky recliner sofa through a tight space, there is no need to worry. For stress-free transport, most reclining sofas can be disassembled quickly.

Lifting the back fabric panel or feeling between the back seams should allow the levers to be released and the seats removed.

There are also removable bars bolted to the base in some versions that allow for more disassembly.

When it's time to reassemble the sofa, to make things smoother, take photos as you take it apart, hold your hardware in plastic bags, and mark the parts you need to take apart of your sofa.

Step By Step Guide On How To Take Apart A Power Reclining Sofa :-

Step 1

Tilt the sofa and extend the strip of rear upholstery. So that the back faces straight up into the air, lift the sofa up. In order to reveal the inner frame, many upholstered sofas have a removable back panel that you can lift.

Locate and unfasten the strips or snaps of velcro that bind the fabric to the base of the frame, then raise the upholstered part.

Step 2

Locate the locking rear levers. Test the frames for the locking levers on either side of the seats on the sofa.

You can see a metal lever pointing in a downward direction on either side of the main body of the sofa around where the top of the arm and back join.

You can see levers on the frames between it and the seats if your sofa has a centre console.

Step 3

Touch the levers between the rear seams for locking. Stick your hands through the rear seams on the left and right sides of the sofa if your sofa doesn't have detachable strips of fabric that reveal the frame.

Check the seams, if any are there, between the centre console and seats. Feel the locking lever pointing in a down position inside the seams.

Step 4

To unlock the seat backs, lift the locking levers. To loosen and lift every lever and release the seat back, use a flat head screwdriver or, in a pinch, your fingertips.

After the levers are unlocked, return the sofa to its usual position and carefully remove the back from its original position.

So This way you can easily take apart your sofa without any problem. Many sofas come with detachable seats but some may not.

You can follow the above steps to easily dismantle your couch. I hope this article on how to take apart a power reclining sofa helps you.