How To Reupholster A Recliner Footrest

Last Updated : Jul 28, 2021

How To Reupholster A Recliner Footrest

In this article we will show you how to reupholster a recliner footrest, every recliner is connected with a footrest and it is connected to your chair or stands alone as a stool in some cases, you are likely to use it a lot over time.

As a result, the cloth or the material covering of a chair may begin to wear out in some areas, rendering the piece unappealing. In order to hide it from others you can remove it, hide it, or recover it with a fresh piece of upholstery fabric.

Whether you're working with a recliner or a freestanding stool or recliner footrest, the method to reupholster is nearly the same.

By Using a high-quality upholstery fabric rather than cheap quality fabric means that your work will last for many years.

If you'd like to connect your footrest recliner or foot towards the footstool, you'll need to gather all of the necessary components and follow all of the instructions.

There is a list of all necessary products for this and what you will require to upholster the fabric and the material should large enough to wrap the footrest. You will need only few components like staple gun, scissors, screwdriver and adjustable wrench

Step By Step Guide On How To Reupholster A Recliner Footrest :-

  • To begin, turn your footrest over. If you're working with your recliner's footrest then you have to fully open it and then flip your recliner over its armrests with the help of a friend.
  • Now you need to use your screwdriver or an adjustable wrench to remove your footrest from the metal extenders on your recliner, depending on what was used to secure your reclining footrest in place. Make sure your footrest pad is facing down.
  • Next, take out a piece of your new upholstery fabric face down next to your footrest on your work surface. Place it on the sofa without any batting on top of your fabric.
  • Then with your foot pad upside down, place it above the surface. To remove your legs from your stool-style footrest, spin them counterclockwise.
  • Then Lift one side of your fabric up over its unique edge, then the opposing side of the footrest.
  • Now you have to press down and maintain your fabric in order to have a nicer end result. Then take two inches and staple your fabric along the edge of the board frame. By cutting in a continuous line near your staples, you can trim any excess fabric from the bottom of the board with your scissors.
  • Then, as if wrapping a parcel, draw up the third and fourth edges of your new fabric. Now, while holding your fabric taut, staple each edge of your cloth to your backing board. With the use of your scissors, trim any surplus fabric.
  • Then rebuild your footrest onto your recliner or re-join the legs on your footrest if you've removed them previously. Raise your footrest or recliner to a comfortable position.

This is a very simple process to get it done. You can reupholster your old footrest anytime you want at home in a short amount of time. You don’t even need any help to get it done. I hope this article on how to reupholster a recliner footrest helps you.