How To Stop My Swivel Recliner From Swiveling

Last Updated : Jun 10, 2021

How To Stop My Swivel Recliner From Swiveling

In this article we will show you how to stop my swivel recliner from swiveling, many recliner versions have a swivel mechanism that allows a person to use his feet to move the recliner.

By switching the position of the seat, this function is useful. The recliner stops turning by removing the swivel functionality, keeping only the recliner and lumbar pillow working.

If the seat is near enough just to reach nearby furniture, such as side tables and bookcases, you will want to remove the swivel.

The procedure requires the insertion of bolts to the recliner's base. Based on your particular recliner model, the steps can be different.

Step By Step Guide On How To Stop My Swivel Recliner From Swiveling :-

  • Switch the recliner over so that the bottom heads upward. Ask or support a buddy if required.
  • Turn the recliner's foundation so the gaps on the swivel base match up with both the holes on the recliner's base.
  • Position pulley lock nuts in the gap here between holes, if possible.
  • Transfer and secure the bolts via the holes in the swivel rim, via the pulley lock nuts and into the bottom of the recliner.
  • Switch it upright in the recliner. It disables the swivel feature.

The swivel, spiny, or rotating recliner with its connected strong unified leg is a type of recliner that enables your recliner to turn left or right in 360 degrees.

In schools, stores, and also malls, this type of recliner is often used. If properly maintained for, the lifetime of a swivel recliner is around 8-15 years.

If you'd like to move from one desktop to some other desktop or the other and, the swivel seats may be useful.

I hope this article on how to stop my swivel recliner from swiveling helps you.