How To Fix Cable On Reclining Sofa

Last Updated : Jul 8, 2021

How To Fix Cable On Reclining Sofa

In this article we will show you how to fix cable on reclining sofa, when your recliner cables have to be replaced due to any reason, the much more cost-effective way is to turn your chair inverted and purchase a substitute cable and handles.

If you're not sure if you'll fit, following the instructions below can give you some assurance, so keep reading.

Recliner Cables can be found on the internet, in parts suppliers or in upholstery retailers. They are easily available.

You can save your time by shopping online if you want to. It is possible to do it yourself anytime you want.

Some replacement parts for cable recliners that are separate or split from the handle are available but due to the tension ratio, they may only last a limited time.

Pull cables in reclining chairs, particularly the chair handle, are prone to snapping at strain areas. It's almost as if reclining chairs are built to break at the cable level rather than elsewhere in the chair.

You can follow the instructions to understand it in a better way.

Step By Step Guide On How To Fix Cable On Reclining Sofa :-

  • The handles have tension springs as well and if the cable tension is too high, the handles will break. So you need to Invert the recliner and open the recliner arm.
  • Then Remove the hook from the opener by pulling the reclining arm mechanism backwards, that is the hook at the end of the tail of your cable. Now your cable has springs and maybe it's just exposed wire.
  • At the beginning of the tail, there is a plastic clip. You have To remove the plastic clips from the recliner arm unit and then locate them and pull them out.
  • To remove the plastic clips from the recliner arm unit, locate them and pull them out. And then Remove the screws in the reclining cup handle by turning your recliner to the side.
  • You have to Pull out another whole cable, including the tails and hooks you just released on the bottom, as well as the handle.Now insert your new recliner cable into the hole in which the old grip used to be before run it along until the reclining handles can rest in the same position as before.
  • Then move the dust cover to where the cable is at the other end and begin pulling it through to the location where the old one was originally.
  • Then Draw through the cable at the other end where the dust cover is and proceed to pull it through to position it where the old cable was. Leave it hanging for the time being, then return to the handle and secure it with the screws.

After doing the whole procedure, You may now turn your recliner chair back around after the latch is fitted back into position.

Then Return the recliner to its open position before looking for the plastic clip which is surely at the start of the tail of your cable.

Then replace the original plastic clip on the chair arm where it was removed. Now Push the small arm half back so you can see the hole where you'll hook your tail end hook.

This way you see It's always simple to learn how to do anything by reading the instructions first. I hope this article on how to fix cable on reclining sofa helps you.