How To Adapt Recliner For Right Arm Surgery

Last Updated : Jul 8, 2021

How To Adapt Recliner For Right Arm Surgery

In this article we will show you how to adapt recliner for right arm surgery, many individuals who have right forearm surgery have trouble relaxing in a recliner they can't push themselves up and out of the chair since they can't use their left arm.

The instructions below will assist you in modifying a recliner for right arm surgery so that you no longer have this issue.

The Power recliners are modernised versions of traditional recliners and you can say that and that too with a variety of new functions.

However, as the name implies, they are powered by electricity. The buttons on the right side of a power recliner can be used to regulate every element of the chair.

The buttons serve as a contact point for internal components.

Step By Step Guide On How To Adapt Recliner For Right Arm Surgery :-

  • To make a power chair adaptable, you have to Make sure all power cords are disconnected and the charges are unplugged. This is necessary to ensure the operator's safety.
  • Then Remove the buttons on the right side of the armrest that are attached. Make sure you do this softly and without erasing the button marks.
  • After that, Measure the length of the recliner's sitting area. This is essential in order to determine the length of wire required to move the controls to the opposite side.
  • Wire strippers are used to cut wire to the required length. To avoid flaws, don't use your teeth or other instruments because it will not give you appropriate results. On both ends of the wire, cut out some of the insulating area.
  • To get started heating the soldering iron, connect it to a power source. The one end of the wire to the circuitry beneath should be an exposed button with the soldering iron once it is hot enough.
  • Make sure that each button has a distinct coloured wire. Then solder the opposite end of the wire. When soldering, ensure sure the connections are secure and that you don't accidentally short two wires.
  • Connect the cables to the removed buttons with more wires. After connecting the connections, tape both sides of the button. Then connect two wires from the Board to the battery pack. Cover the wires and unused visible sections on both ends with plumb tape.
  • To make the Board smaller and portable, cut away the useless portion with a hacksaw. Attach the tiny Board to the left-hand side of the recliner using double-sided tape at a user-friendly height. Check if the circuit is working properly by turning on the power connection.

Recliners are created with the goal of providing you with the most comfort possible. For the optimal posture and for proper resting , the angle should be 135-degree angle.

An injury to the right hand, on the other hand, can make it impossible to use the recliner. However, with this instruction in hand, you should always be capable of making minor adjustments to the chair that will potentially be able to operate with your left hand.

I hope this article on how to adapt recliner for right arm surgery helps you.