Power Reclining Loveseat With Lumbar Support

Last Updated : Jan 16, 2021

Most of us at some point in our life have had experienced some back pain. And the number of people who are experiencing low back pain is increasing at an exponential rate. So the cause of all this is the chair we use that is why we everyone suggest to use power reclining loveseat with lumbar support.

There anything you can do right now to avoid degenerative back pain is there have been decades of research suggesting a reclined position is much better or put simply the ability to lean back in your chair. You should use reclining loveseat sofa because it is better for the muscles in your spine and with that lumber, support has the lowest pressure.

Reclines are associated with a reduction in muscle activity and less nerve stress so if you have a decrease in muscle activity and a decrease in nerve stress this means you will experience less fatigue and tiredness. Sitting for long periods is widely associated with all sorts of back pain neck pain shoulder pain.

We have researched and reviewed many power reclining loveseats and after that we have shortlisted 10 best power reclining loveseat with lumbar support (2021) below and a detailed buying guide that will help you in choosing a perfect power reclining loveseat which having a lumber support.
Power Reclining Loveseat With Lumbar Support

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1 Lexicon Noura Reclining Loveseat

Lexicon Noura Reclining Loveseat

The recliner became perfectly flat where it can be a very good place to sleep. Also, this recliner is very light and slick. You can easily move it from one place in the house to another and you do not have to waste a lot of energy to move it. With a' USB connection on this sofa, you can charge your needy device within your hand you do not have to get up from the sofa while relaxing.

If you are having back pain oftentimes you need lumbar support. It going to give you comfort particularly if you have pain with a seated position. When you use it, it should make your back feel better. Traditional support a lot of times they are round and in some ways, they can get specific to that spot sometimes.

Lumbar support also keeps the heat away from your back. They make them solid in a similar shape. It is broad support to your back and that may be the thing you want to. Lumbar supports are an individual thing it depends on the shape of your body.

Features & Specification ❯

  • Easy to assemble - This couch is easy to assemble and super comfortable. A good sitting place to watching and reading twice does not sit in this reclining loveseat if you do not want to fall asleep.
  • Looks - These sofas are comfortable and stylish and if you keep this in your room it will enhance the beauty of your room.
  • USB - It also has a USB charging port with it you can charge you small devices or a phone here.
  • Recliner couch and the lumbar support - The recliner gives you good back support. It is very sturdy if you like sift then you may not like it.

(+) PROS

  • A luxury recliner sofa.
  • A warm feeling of comfort.
  • Adjustable headrest, which will give you the convenience of any time.
  • This recliner is therapeutic in more ways than one.

(-) CONS

  • Over-stylish (Not a con for all)

2 Recpro Charles 58" Powered Double RV Wall Hugger Recliner

Recpro Charles 58" Powered Double RV Wall Hugger Recliner

A home is a place of peace for every human being. Forgetting all the work pressure, conflicts, and debates outside, people come home and sit in a peaceful atmosphere with their loved ones. This sofa is a quality sofa. It is not that heavy. But it is durable. You don't have to work hard to use it like other sofas.

Just the push of a button! And that's where you'll get a taste of this great thing. It's moving at its own pace. It'll give you a taste of excellence in advancing technology. You can sit back and watch movies with your loved ones. That is, you can use the drink of your choice even in the dark.

There is also a storage system that fits perfectly in the tumble sets. This sofa is very easy to clean and is operated individually. It will be very convenient for you and with it. It is also interesting.

Features & Specification ❯

  • It will run with a USB charger.
  • You can easily assemble it. Assemble it and you can clean it with very little effort.
  • Its modular structure is so simple and beautiful that it helps to be a very straightforward installation.
  • Powered recline current for extremely easy use.

(+) PROS

  • Since it has a USB charger cable attached to it.
  • If you ever go on a trip, if you carry any electronics there.
  • It has a built-in USB port to charge it.
  • It will give you light in the dark.
  • Only in the dark will it illuminate with a blue LED.

(-) CONS

  • There are no such cons. You can safely use it. And as the beauty of the house increases, you can increase the enjoyment of happiness.

3 Signature Design By Ashley Sessom Power Reclining Loveseat

Signature Design By Ashley Sessom Power Reclining Loveseat

This sofa is a shining example of the outline of beauty. It will keep the house lit. And you can sit on this sofa to spend a sweet time with your loved ones to keep that desire forever. Why deprive yourself of the pleasure of genuine leather! It also has a USB port.

The luxury item you are using, this sofa is a burning symbol of it. It will be a means of ultimate comfort to return home after work. It should be purchased with. You must use it to enjoy every home. Another thing you will be surprised to see is its couch.

These sofa couches are amazing. But among these couches, there is no such thing as a prominent tool. Its use will have a significant impact on the decoration of your home. Such a beautiful design will fascinate you. Looking at the budget, it can be said that it is very stylish. If you get luxury items at affordable prices, it will always satisfy you like that tangible symbol.

So you can create a portrait of ultimate comfort in the living room with this handsome leather furniture. Comfort on upholstery cushions in a pure leather interior with a polyester/vinyl exterior. One touches power and adjustable headdresses. Power cord included; Wool listed.

Features & Specification ❯

  • It weighs 285 pounds
  • Dimensions of this product are 39 × 76 × 42 inches
  • It is beautifully designed and manufactured.
  • Its full reclined length is 71 ".
  • 32 "wide towards the doorways
  • Touch power control and of course it has lumbar support current.
  • Its material is leather but its frame material is wood.

(+) PROS

  • It is made of pure leather.
  • Highly suitable for home decoration.
  • It has a vinyl exterior.
  • Extended ottoman and adjustable headrests will keep it under control.

(-) CONS

  • Save this Recliner from water.

4 Steve Silver Laurel Grey Leather Power Reclining Console Loveseat

Steve Silver Laurel Grey Leather Power Reclining Console Loveseat

We all want our house to be filled with love and love to be adorned all the time. This love seat sofa with lumbar support is such that you two can sit comfortably in relaxed. This product name is Steve Silver laurel gray leather power reclining console love seat. At the same time, the style of today's era has remained the same. And it is made with power articulating headrest.

It has the use home button, which can be used to bring it to its original position. Also, the advantage of a USB charging port is present. It is only available in gray or ivory colours. This product is mostly described as gray leather. This sofa is made of hardwood. You can buy this sofa with confidence.

You can ask any kind of question. And they have a customer service team who are ready to answer all your questions and are interested in helping you in any way they can. No, you should, by which you will benefit. And this high-quality sofa will make your home prosperous and your life will be filled with peace and happiness in love. So you must use it.

Features & Specification ❯

  • Its various features are present.
  • This leather is gray or ivory.
  • The wood on this sofa is always durable.
  • There is a USB channel in the control panel.
  • The comfort of the sofa is further enhanced by the high elastic foam.

(+) PROS

  • Contemporary styling
  • High elastic foam seat.
  • High-quality wood system
  • There is no Sag Sinuwas spring system

(-) CONS

  • Sofa only. Other pieces are sold separately

5 Christie's Home Living Power Troy Espresso Transitional Loveseat


This love seat is constructed with select hardwoods and toughened by a heavy-duty steel rail system. It ensures ultimate comfort within the precincts of your home and is a great place to spend with family and friends. It is the best place for family get-togethers and for gatherings as well as for outdoor barbecues and porch dinners.

The searing has a foam encased pocketed coils wrapped in Dacron fibre over a graceful spring system. It is covered most luxuriously with durable premium reconstituted leather.

It includes quite conveniently two recliners that can smoothly move you into your desired soothing position, each independent of the other's emotions. Do not surrender comfort for style with this power reclining loveseat. With two reclining power seats, this furniture solution provides a simple, elegant style with luxuriously comfortable seating.

Adding this piece to your living room or drawing room is the best option for the perfect game-day seating space, or hangs out and game with your friends in style.

Features & Specification ❯

  • Constructed with select hardwoods and reinforced by a heavy-duty steel rail system
  • Seating: Foam encased pocketed coils wrapped in Dacron fibres on top of a sinuous spring system
  • Covered in a durable premium reconstituted leather Includes 2 recliners that smoothly move you into your favorite relaxing position
  • Each independent of the other's emotions

(+) PROS

  • Relax in sleek sophistication on the Jamestown motion loveseat
  • Comfortable as well as convenient with storage armrests
  • Centre console and cup holders keep all your knick-knacks
  • It is indeed a luxurious addition to your living room, family salon, or cellar

(-) CONS

  • Fear of breakage after one month of use

6 Hooker Furniture Esme Leather Power Motion Loveseat in Chocolate

Hooker Furniture Esme Leather Power Motion Loveseat in Chocolate

Antique styled furniture can often ensure a warm and welcoming feeling to any room. Extremely stylish in more ways than one and wrapped in chocolate-colored leather Esme Power Reclining Loveseat is indeed furniture to be treasured within every modern home.

Simple and stylized, with classic rolled arms embossed with traditional brass nail trim and a padded wing-back design brings a touch of elegance to your home interior decoration, while the power headrest, neck-roll back and power recliners on each end offer extraordinary comfort.

A perfect modern home solution, the Esme Loveseat is only 61 ¾ inches wide and 37 ¾ inches deep. The leather is spill-resistant and supple to the touch, with a delicate two-tone effect.

Features & Specification ❯

  • Product Dimensions: 41.25" H x 61.75" W x 37.75" D
  • Product Weight: 198.42 lbs
  • Seat Dimensions: 21" H x 48.5" W x 21" D
  • Arm Height: 24.25
  • Finish: Brown
  • Style: Traditional and Formal
  • Upholstery: Chocolate Top and Grain Split Leather

(+) PROS

  • A highly flexible, high-density foam core wrapped seat with virgin polyester fibres, assuring comfortable console.
  • The seatback is filled with precision cut foam and highly resilient polyester fibres.
  • Pattern cut urethane foam that is padded with felt polyester fibres.
  • The arm height and seat dimensions are perfect for those with lower back problems.

(-) CONS

  • Difficult to move from one place to another alone

7 Power Recliner Loveseat With USB

Power Recliner Loveseat With USB

This is yet another piece of furniture that is specifically designed for the modern home keeping in mind all the specifications entailed therein. The Power Recliner Loveseat with USB Solid Traditional Faux Leather Polyester Wood Recline has a comfortable seat. It is semi-firm and a love seat as well. The composition and design of the seat are traditional and may be categorized as antique.

It can seat up to two persons in the most comfortable manner. The print is solid with arms pillows on the top arms. There is also a back cushion as well as multiple seated cushions. The colour is black and made of solid wood. It is an antique piece available in Faux Leather, Polyester, and Wood. The pattern and print are solid and it is factory assembled with Arm Pillow Top Arms, a Cushioned Back. It is foam filled and power recline.

Features & Specification ❯

  • Power Recline
  • What It's Made Of Faux Leather, Polyester, Wood
  • Back Theme/Pattern: Cushion Back
  • Arm Theme/Pattern: Pillow Top Arms
  • Upholstery What It's Made Of Faux Leather, Polyester

(+) PROS

  • Finest of materials
  • Comfort level at its highest
  • Extremely well-fashioned out for the modern home
  • Antique look and feel to brighten up every home

(-) CONS

  • Extra soft cushions sometimes go deeper and make it uneasy

8 Leatherette Metal Power Reclining Loveseat with Adjustable Headrest

Leatherette Metal Power Reclining Loveseat with Adjustable Headrest

This wonderful product comes with dual power recliners in one loveseat. Moreover, the adjustable headrest, as well as the central storage along with the two stainless steel cup holders, increases the value of the product. The metal power reclining loveseat helps the lumbar with customized support to the back.

Especially, the loveseat is very much suitable for the elderly as well as disabled persons. The power touch button helps to adjust the loveseat according to the comfort.

The couch made of heavy metal and wrapped in faux leather is a beautiful piece of art. The metal construction gives good strength and long-lasting performance. Also, it adds an attractive look too. The compact dimension of the loveseat stands at 77" in length, 39" in width, and 41" in height and weighs 273 pounds.

Spending a great time reading books, watching television, or having a cup of coffee or tea on the power reclining loveseat, is one of the best for any reason.

Features & Specification ❯

  • Made of strong metal and faux leather.
  • It has an adjustable motor control for the headrest
  • Single loveseat having double power recliners
  • Storage in the centre for goods
  • Two stainless cup holders made of stainless steel.

(+) PROS

  • Comfortable for any person
  • Increases the beauty of the living room
  • Compact design
  • Can sit for a long time

(-) CONS

  • Heavy to move single-handly

9 Diamond Power Reclining Loveseat

Diamond Power Reclining Loveseat

The sophisticated diamond reclining loveseat is one of the most trending things in today’s convenient couch as well as home decor. Equally, the amazing loveseat offers great comfort. The luxury stitching on the leather cushions as well as on the leg rests makes the loveseat admirable.

The wooden made loveseat comes with a metal frame. Because of that, it remains more durable. The extraordinary nature of the diamond power reclining loveseat is so amazing that it allows both the person to be in a comfort zone.

To explain, if one person lay back, the other one can easily sit in an upright position at an ease. Also, the loveseat comes with an amazing feature of a centre console for a storage slot. On the other hand, two stainless steel cup holders can hold your favourite drinks.

The diamond power reclining loveseat comes with a length of 78” and 36” of width where the height is 41”. It weighs around 193 pounds. Therefore, the product is quite concise. Watch your preferred TV shows or sports for a long time without having any issue with your back as the diamond power reclining loveseat with lumbar support gives you an unwinding sitting posture.

Features & Specification ❯

  • Made of wood with the metal frame
  • Luxurious design
  • A storage compartment to keep things
  • Soft stitched cushions look elegant
  • Allows two persons together to relax.

(+) PROS

  • A comfortable loveseat to stay relaxed for a long period
  • Cup holders to keep cups or glasses
  • A stunning product for home decor
  • Easy cleaning with mild cleaning solvent

(-) CONS

  • Sometimes feel hard to lay back.

10 Pendant Loveseat Power Recliner

Pendant Loveseat Power Recliner

The 100 percent genuine leather pendant loveseat recliner with lumbar support is one of the most comfortable couches available on the online market. The brilliant loveseat offers a power recline and lay flat mechanism. As a result, the product assures great pleasure to you with its detailed stitching and high-quality resiliency polyurethane foam.

The reclining mechanism of this product has maximum durability of 350 pounds per seat. The terse power recliner loveseat is very cozy for the lower back. The ultra-soft leather cushion is very comfortable for anyone to sit and relax. Weighing 191 pounds approximately the loveseat stands in the dimension of 38 x 66 x 40 inches in length, width, and height respectively. Moreover, the product offers you one year warranty as well.

Enjoy your weekends watching movies or having a very deep talk with your close one sitting on this satisfying loveseat and feel the sheer joy of relaxation as well.

Features & Specification ❯

  • Stitched with the 100 percent genuine leather
  • Two cup holders on both sides
  • Hold up to 350 lbs maximum
  • Having the modern lay flat and power mechanism
  • Centre compartment for the things to keep
  • Handcrafted

(+) PROS

  • Very decorative and perfect for the office as well as home
  • Comfortable leather cushions
  • Very precise in nature
  • Works well for everybody, especially, the elders and the disabled

(-) CONS

  • Not comfortable for heavyweights and taller persons

Buying Guide On How To Buy Best Power Reclining Loveseat With Lumbar Support

We all love to relax in our spare time with our mates and reclining loveseats is great for this purpose. Couples can enjoy cuddling or can relax for long hours on these reclining loveseats. Moreover, this furniture adds an essence of romance to your home decor.

You will not only get enough space to sit, but you can also curl up your feet and enjoy each other’s company perfectly.

For all these comforts, a reclining loveseat can be a great investment. This furniture seems to be cheaper than a three-seater sofa still, providing the comfort of a reading chair as well. Due to the compact size, you can place this anywhere in small places as well as the small living rooms, bedrooms, or even in the office.

However, there are several aspects that you need to consider before purchasing the best reclining loveseat along with lumbar support so make sure to check the below aspects thoroughly before buying a power reclining loveseat.

1. Power Reclining Loveseat Adjustable Reclining Positions :-

While you are purchasing a reclining loveseat, you need to keep in mind that you will sit on the back by putting your feet up. Though some reclining loveseats provide multiple positions. So, before making a purchase take time and figure out how many relaxing modes you need with your loveseat.

Some of the reclining loveseats can only be positioned in a complete upright or full reclining mode, whether other models offer an in-between mode that is ideal for watching TV or reading for long hours.

2. Power Reclining Loveseat Dimensions :-

While you are purchasing a reclining loveseat, you need to consider the overall dimension of the loveseat. By considering the overall dimension, you can get an idea about the sitting space of the reclining loveseat. If you are planning to place the loveseat in a larger room, you don’t have to worry more about the dimension.

But if you are placing it in a small room, you have to measure the dimension of the reclining loveseat. You just need to look that the loveseat is enough wide so that you can comfortably fit on the sofa. Also, consider the seat dimension to get maximum comfort.

3. Power Reclining Loveseat Seat Depth :-

Next, you need to consider the depth of the loveseat. Considering the seat depth is important as it should be deep enough so that it can fit your lower part comfortably. Otherwise, it will feel like you are slipping down from the loveseat and it will be very uncomfortable. Accurate seat depth will provide maximum comfort while you will sit in the reclining position.

4. Power Reclining Loveseat Features :-

Moreover, you need to consider the back height of the reclining loveseat. It is important to consider because the backrest of the loveseat provides proper gesture and maximum comfort to the back. Therefore, you should look for a good height while purchasing a loveseat to get proper back and neck support.

If you have an average height, you need to get a loveseat that will provide proper support whether you will sit straight or reclined. So, don’t forget to consider the back height of the reclining loveseat before making a purchase.

5. Power Reclining Loveseat Cushions :-

Cushions ensure the proper comfort of the user. Hence, you have to consider the cushions before purchasing a reclining loveseat. Proper cushioning also helps in good posturing of the body. Make sure to choose a model that will be made with proper seat and back cushions. Also, some reclining loveseats come with springs that ensure extra support. Mostly, foam is used for providing softness, though high-end reclining loveseats come with feather filling.

6. Power Reclining Loveseat Upholstery Durability As Well As Affordability :-

While purchasing a reclining loveseat, wisely consider the upholstery as it makes a considerable difference in the lifespan and durability of the loveseat. We recommend choosing leather upholstered loveseats as they are easy to clean and provide a classing appearance.

So, if you want an affordable alternative, you can go for the bonded leather or faux leather made reclining loveseats. The reclining loveseats with fabric upholstery are very popular due to their cozy finish.

7. Power Reclining Loveseat Cover Material :-

Last but not the least; you have to consider the cover material which is used for the recliner before making a purchase. The cover material seems to be essential to consider as it ensures the durability of the loveseat. Also, make sure the cover material will be easy to clean so that you will not face any difficulty while washing the cover material of the loveseat. You can clean such cover material with a damp cloth. Also, you can go for some particular cover material that feels much cooler in summer.

Conclusion :-

If you are looking for very comfortable reclining loveseat either for your office or home, then all the above reviewed power reclining loveseat with lumbar support are the best option. To explain, it gives you the ultimate pleasure to support your back as well as the headrest is there for more relaxation.

The reclining mechanism allows it to adjust the comfort ability according to your choice. To explain, the power button helps the loveseat to lay flat or whatever the position you want. Moreover, the additional features like centre console to keep your necessary things as well as the cup holders are very useful. The noise-free functions are one of the best things about this product.

Here we have talked all the details about the power reclining loveseat with lumbar support. The great innovation has stepped out for the utmost comfort ability. The loveseat with lumbar support helps you to relax without any fear for a long time.

Hope you like all these above shortlisted loveseat recliners and now this will save a lot of time in finding a perfect power loveseat recliner with having a beautiful look also having lumbar support makes a great product for the home decor as well.

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