Petite Recliners With Lumbar Support

Last Updated : Jan 20, 2021

Different people have different requirements specially when you are planning to buy a recliner dont worry nowadays there are plenty of different recliner available out there with plenty of size options.

If you are Petite or your body size is small you must go with petite or small recliners in this in-depth review article we have reviewed 5 best petite recliners with lumbar support these petite recliners offer you the soothing, reclining option for interiors with limited space, without all the unnecessary padding taking up a large room, anyone be it man or women or even kinds can sit comfortable in these petite recliners.

Good for studios or sheds at work. Sit back down, read a book, have a cup of tea, and enjoy the warmth of these lovely little recliners.

For small individuals, these are really nice recliners that can be just as comfortable (if not more) as oversized recliner chairs. We will cover the advantages of buying these petite or small sized recliners in the below buyer's guide, what they should be made of for durability. Let us look at some petite recliners with lumbar support that are listed below.
Petite Recliners With Lumbar Support

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1 Mecor Lift Recliner Power Lift Recliner For Elderly Fleece Massage Recliner With Adjustable Headrest

Mecor Lift Recliner Power Lift Recliner For Elderly Fleece Massage Recliner With Adjustable Headrest

This power recliner sofa with an electrically adjustable headrest can be easily adjusted by the remote controller this can help you relax the muscles of your neck and give you the perfect angles for your rest.

The fabric filled with superfine fibres, soft and keeping your body warm, is made of high quality flannelette.

Low moisture recovery can prevent bacterial growth and provide security for your healthy life.

Silent electric motor driven lift design that could drive the whole recliner up to help the senior stand up quickly, often suitable for individuals who have trouble getting out of a recliner.

Features & Specification ❯

  • Dimensions are 36.8''Wx39.0''Dx40.9''H
  • Capacity is 330 Pounds
  • The lift recliner comes with an electrically adjustable headrest
  • It can be conveniently adjusted by the remote controller.
  • This can help you relax the muscles of your neck
  • It provides you with the ideal angles for your rest.

(+) PROS

  • It can recline to 160 degrees
  • It allows you to completely stretch and relax
  • It is perfect for watching TV, sleeping and reading
  • It comes with an extending footrest and reclining feature.
  • No assembly is required.

(-) CONS

  • No cons in this segment

2 Warnerton Casual Faux Leather Power Recliner With Adjustable Headrest

Warnerton Casual Faux Leather Power Recliner With Adjustable Headrest

This recliner, bathed in brown chocolate, brings the living room seating to new heights. You'll feel oh-so refined with lattice detailing and easily accessible storage.

For instant comfort, the reclining arm recliner is ready and it fits 30' or wider through doorways and comes with a power cord UL listed.

Ashley Furniture goes the extra mile to timely package, protect and deliver your purchase. Ashley Furniture Industries designed and manufactured. The trusted source of stylish furniture, lighting, rugs, accessories and mattresses for every taste and budget.

Features & Specification ❯

  • Product Dimensions 39 x 36.75 x 43.5 inches
  • This recliner has a comfortable seat and suits a couch
  • This loveseat or sectional set perfectly in your living room.
  • For instant pleasure, the reclining arm recliner is ready.
  • It Fits 30" or wider through doorways.

(+) PROS

  • The Power cord is included
  • The UL is listed
  • Enjoy lightweight foam cushions of high resilience
  • It is covered in a combination of polyester/polyurethane.
  • You can lean back into infinite comfortable positions with one touch control.

(-) CONS

  • The armrests are set too far back
  • It was built for under 5 foot people.

3 Boerna Contemporary Leather Power Recliner With Adjustable Headrest

Boerna Contemporary Leather Power Recliner With Adjustable Headrest

Seat for the Driver. Oh, oo-oo! Power up with this recliner of ultra-modern power. The seating area is influenced by sports car interiors, and is decorated for your enjoyment in real leather.

An advanced one-touch power control puts everything at your fingertips, including a headrest for your phone's Easy View power, USB port, and wireless charging.

If that's not enough, then what does it sound like? Integrated Bluetooth speakers, storage armrests and pull-out compartments to keep cup holders right at hand yet out of reach.

Create an authentic, powerful rumble right into your body from deep inside the recliner, flawlessly coordinated and scaled with the strength you need to feel every explosion, car engine, or move like you were really in your favourite movie.

Features & Specification ❯

  • Product Dimensions 39 x 36.75 x 43.5 inches
  • One-touch power control with adjustable headrest with Easy View power
  • It has USB charging and charging for wireless phones
  • Later smartphones such as Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy
  • It has Huawei Mate and Nokia Lumia can handle wireless chargers.

(+) PROS

  • Bluetooth speakers for the listening experience of surround sound
  • Corner-blocked chassis with a reinforced metal bench
  • Attached pillows
  • Form of fabric is 100% Leather
  • Material Foam is Leather and Metal
  • Assembly is not required

(-) CONS

  • Poor lumbar support.
  • Very firm seating with low arm rests in comparison to body posture

4 Seatcraft Mantra Home Theater Seating Power Recline Recliner With Adjustable Headrest And Lumbar Support

Seatcraft Mantra Home Theater Seating Power Recline Recliner With Adjustable Headrest And Lumbar Support

Consider this the most comfortable home theatre seat you'll find in your life, Seatcraft Mantra Home Theater Seating they have sat in a number of theatre seats here at Seatcraft.

But nothing can keep the Seatcraft Mantra light, the smooth, layered micro-gel foam tubing within its backrest runs along the length of your back and cradles every muscle, beginning with its comfort.

The design provides a hybrid sensation that seems impossible; the comfort and hold of being firm, but with an embrace.

As a result, they made sure that you can customise the look to ensure that it not only feels perfect, but that the part in your home looks.

It provides you with ComfortView Power Lumbar, ComfortView Power Headrests, and a certified Legget & Platt recline mechanism for fast, but smooth-gliding motors adjust at your command for lower lumbar support.

Features & Specification ❯

  • Dimensions are 38.5" wide, 43" high, 40.5" long when upright, 68" long when fully reclined, 24" width of seat, 22.5" depth of seat, 6.5" wall hugger.
  • It is Hand-selected genuine top grain leather
  • It has top 30 percent hide standard for the finest touch
  • It looks very durable and painstakingly
  • With the powered recline, customizable powered headrest and lumbar support

(+) PROS

  • Its memory work at your fingertips
  • You can experience the dream-level of comfort like never before.
  • With convenient features such as two cup holders
  • It has a USB charging port
  • It has concealed in-arm storage
  • It Has SoundShaker bass shakers, ambient lighting and accessory grommets for addons
  • You can enjoy the movie theatre experience in your own home.

(-) CONS

  • You need to buy additional pricey items to utilize the shock wave experience.
  • Cost a lot and has typical recliner stuff except for the sound/vibration

5 Delange Power Recliner With Adjustable Headrest And Storage In Armrests Black

Delange Power Recliner With Adjustable Headrest And Storage In Armrests Black

This power lift recliner has a chic, contemporary vibe thanks to the soft shine and smooth feel of the black, leather-like material. It's great for calming down after a long day, with lots of easy features. A cup holder and storage space are included on each armrest.

The power headrest helps you to adapt quickly to the position that feels most relaxing. For hours of leisurely lounging, this cosy, comfortable recliner holds anything you need close at hand.

They build unique collections that exude a fabulous elegance and tangible qualities that their customers have come to expect over the years. To give each collection its distinctive look, they develop customised hardware.

Features & Specification ❯

  • Product Dimensions 39.5 x 0.02 x 0.02 inches
  • Most high-end collections are made of dovetailed joint English construction which makes their pieces of furniture solid and long lasting.
  • Includes set One (1) power recliner
  • Material is breathable padded leather
  • Material Content is 80% polyester and 20% polyurethane
  • Color of fabric is Black

(+) PROS

  • Width to recline from back to wall is 4 (wall hugger)
  • Upholstery is Leatherette with padding
  • Limit weight capacity is 290 lbs
  • Reclines upto length 40.25"-67" or 110-130 degrees
  • Form of Switch is Capacitive Contact

(-) CONS

  • The side arms are not well supported.
  • the left arm leaned way out. It is Loose as a goose

6 Barling Casual Upholstered Power Recliner With Adjustable Headrest

Barling Casual Upholstered Power Recliner With Adjustable Headrest

Change, particularly when it brings comfort to a whole new level, can be a good thing.

While this fake leather luxury recliner offers support in all the right places with power headrest, power lumbar adjustments and expanded ottoman for more comfortable leg space, generously padded sides, seat and back cradle you in comfort.

The strongest one of all? The secret pocket holds the remote of the recliner out of reach but still near at hand. The remote control provides a convenient USB charging port to carry a phone.

Features & Specification ❯

  • It is measuring 36.75 W x 41 D x 43.5 H
  • Your current favourite living room seat will soon become this reclining recliner.
  • With an adjustable power headrest, it's extremely stylish and extremely helpful.
  • Comfy foam pads are covered in delicate faux leather. With the support of a corner-blocked frame and a reinforced metal bench.

(+) PROS

  • With adjustable positions, one-touch power control
  • This easy-to-match recliner is a simple winner
  • It is bathed in a rich walnut brown and designed with soft cushioned support.
  • Only reinstall the recliner and your recliner is ready for enjoyment.
  • Including instructions, power transformer, power cord and remote control.
  • Fits 30" or wider across doorways

(-) CONS

  • This recliner seems to be smaller than an average recliner.
  • You do get motorized headrest and lumbar support

7 Power Heated Massage Reclining Sofa With Remote Control, Heated System, Lift System, Adjustable Headrest

Power Heated Massage Reclining Sofa With Remote Control, Heated System, Lift System, Adjustable Headrest

The electric sofa recliner's balance lifting mechanism will lift the entire recliner to help users stand comfortably without strain on the back or knees.

For the elderly or individuals with inconvenient legs and feet, this is quite fitting!. The backrest can be balanced in 105 -160 of the electric massage lift recliner, with foot pads to suit your various needs.

You can read books, watch television, lay down comfortably, etc linen cover and cotton padding make up the electric heated massage lift recliner.

You feel more relaxed with an improved extra-thick headrest and extra-wide padded armrests. The whole lounge recliner helps you to watch your favourite TV shows or to relax better. The robust metal frame is durable.

Features & Specification ❯

  • The 8-point massage is very comfortable and relieves the whole body's pressure.
  • The heating feature of the waist region warms and soothes the aches and pains of the body.
  • The lifting feature will help to stand up for the elderly.
  • The power massage recliner is operated by distance control.
  • Adjustable angle of the backrest: 105-160.

(+) PROS

  • 3 qualities of massage and 6 modes to fulfil various needs.
  • The soft and friendly Cotton Stuffing + Linen Cover.
  • To store tiny things and free your hands, side pockets can be used.
  • The feet are relaxed by an extended legrest.
  • The metal frame is solid and durable

(-) CONS

  • It is a small recliner but it is as pictured.
  • The heat points doesnt work well

8 Coaster Home Furnishings Pavillion Home Theater Adjustable Headrest

Coaster Home Furnishings Pavillion Home Theater Adjustable Headrest

The elegant aura of this right arm feature recliner is completed by smooth black upholstery this seat features black and metal chrome cup holders, perfect for a home theatre.

With comfort in mind, the high headrests were designed. With the lumbar support and elegant stitched details, lie back down. Sleek and tidy, with a range of decor schemes, the silhouette goes well.

Coaster Fine Furniture presents furniture and home items for the bedroom, living room, and dining room that complement any style with dedication to quality and appreciation for the tastes and needs of its customers.

Features & Specification ❯

  • Product Dimensions 39.83 x 40.5 x 41 inches
  • The collection includes: One (1) right arm facing recliner part
  • Materials are Top grain leather and PVC
  • Content of material is 100 percent top-grain leather
  • Color of Fabric is Black

(+) PROS

  • Color of Finish is also Black
  • Necessary of Assembly is required
  • Code of Clean Capability W
  • Arm type is Chrome cup brackets on the guns

(-) CONS

  • Too heavy to displace
  • Upholstery needs proper cleaning

9 Power Lift Recliner For Elderly With Adjustable Headrest

Power Lift Recliner For Elderly With Adjustable Headrest

Elderly Power Lift Recliner with Adjustable Headrest Side Pockets, Massage Recliner Sofa Recliner for Living Room Guest Room, Electric Recliner Soft Fabric Sofa for Home Office Bedroom.

Easy to Install, Ship from local warehouses in the USA, they pick the closest warehouse to ship to you, so it arrives at your home very quickly Power Lift Recliner with Elderly Massage, Soft Cloth Recliner Sofa with Newspaper and Magazine Side Pouches, Remote Control for Home Theater Power.

Features & Specification ❯

  • Overall Dimensions (inch) 31" L x 28" W x 40" H
  • Make the recliner recline with a newly built control panel. A reliable relaxation option for you
  • this recliner will recline up to 130 degrees
  • Two side pockets on both sides of the armrests fit your needs best

(+) PROS

  • They are ideal for small things within reach, such as newspapers and magazines and cell phones.
  • The entire body can be bundled up in a recliner
  • The overstuffed backrest and seat cushion will offer you more warmth.
  • The treated fabric surface offers a warm and soft contact impression
  • It will give you some anti-felting and anti-pilling effects.

(-) CONS

  • It looks very old
  • Colour is very dull

10 Benjara Black Leatherette Diamond Tufted Recliner With Power Adjustable Headrest

Benjara Black Leatherette Diamond Tufted Recliner With Power Adjustable Headrest

An amazing blend of comfort and technology. This tufted backrest power recliner comes with armrest storage and metal cup holders.

The moveable headrest provides the user with extra comfort and the included USB port helps you to conveniently charge all your devices.

For a gentle and relaxed feel, this sofa is upholstered in black faux leather. When in a laying position, the footrest flips up to provide extra leg support.

Run by a team of well-experienced professionals, Benjara is committed to maintaining high quality and production standards.

They make sure the prices you pay are competitive and reasonable. With their vast range of product categories including decorative accessories, accent furniture, mirrors, wall decor, lighting and garden, they concentrate on delivering top quality and value to the customers.

Features & Specification ❯

  • It has One USB port power recliner.
  • It's made of metal and leather.
  • It features a storage console, adjustable headrest and wall hugger mechanism with 2 cup holders.
  • Complete size is 40 inches in length x 38 inches in width x 42 inches in height.

(+) PROS

  • This tufted backrest power recliner comes with armrest storage and metal cup holders
  • The moveable headrest provides the user with extra comfort
  • It included USB port helps you to conveniently charge all your devices.
  • The sofa is upholstered in black fake leather for a relaxed and soft look.

(-) CONS

  • The upholstery needs high maintenance
  • Looks dirty

Buying Guide On How To Buy Best Petite Recliners With Lumbar Support :-

If you enjoy a recliner's comfort, but do not want to be swallowed up by one then petite recliners are for you. Sized for small individuals or small rooms, they are as comfortable as the large models, but are more suitable for individuals with smaller frames.

So if you also want to buy a perfect petite recliners with lumbar support do check out the below points in order to buy a perfect petite recliner for yourself.

What Different Types Are There To Choose From For Petite Recliners?

Rocker Recliner Swivel

A swivel rocker recliner, an excellent option for the nursery or your private corner, could also double as a desk chair if properly positioned. Better still with a desktop desk built for lift chairs, team it up. Set an alarm and enjoy being able to take a power nap in peace if you find yourself nodding over your job-at-home assignments.

Petite Power Lift Recliner

For a tiny framed adult, or even for a child who needs help getting in and out of a lift chair, a large lift chair cannot be appropriate.

A smaller lift chair will allow shorter individuals mobility, giving them the ability to gain a cane, crutches or even assist them transition to a wheelchair.

While smaller than ordinary lift chairs, it has a solid frame, a comfortable back, and is available in soft beige that blends the room design with almost any room design.

Petite Recliners Features :-

From coils to cotton, foam recliners are padded with a multitude of different materials. High-density foam padding will provide you with the best lumbar and body support at the end of the day.

Even more luxurious, memory foam conforms to the particular shape of the body for optimal relaxation.

Complete Leg Support-Many petite recliners do not have full leg support, which for some people is not necessarily a necessity. Complete leg support, however, allows you to relax more deeply and helps increase the circumference.

Petite Recliners Built Quality :-

One should be strict about the quality one gets, as with many online transactions. By looking at the materials from which the recliner chair is manufactured and testing the guarantee, the best way to ensure this is (if any).

Some of the most durable recliner materials which make up the best petite recliners are discussed below:

Steel or Hardwood Framework For Petite Recliners?

The best recliner structure is made of both stainless steel and hardwoods. Stainless steel is rust-proof, which is a good thing whether you are living close to the sea or in a hot climate.

Hardwood is historically one of the oldest materials made from which recliners are made and refers to any timber with solid features, e.g. Pine, maple, birchwood, mahogany, or cedarwood.

Beware that the recliner is made of plywood, cardboard or other material that is softer!

Petite Recliners Fabric Quality :-

Leather-leather is the most durable fabric that can be used to cover a recliner, lasting for decades and longer (depending on the quality) there are many kinds of leather that are different.

Full grain leather is the highest leather standard, followed by top grain and authentic leather. Usually, bonded leathers and PU leathers are made of natural leather which has been infused to make it waterproof with latex or polyurethane.

This is perfect if you are frequently susceptible to making a mess. Look for styles, fabric shades, and other choices in the collection to pick your dream petite recliner if you are looking for something a little different

Conclusion :-

In chairs that are sized for them, small people are almost often more relaxed, rather than in chairs that are sized for larger adults petite recliners are for smaller individuals and can make a major difference in comfort.

To have a good time, recliners are the best furniture in our homes. They're the perfect place for you to read a book, look at something or take a little nap.

And it's awesome that there are small recliners for people who are short and who have limited rooms. The above reviewed petite recliners with lumbar support are of the best so if you are planning to buy one you check our above reviewed recliners and then decide to buy which one to pick and enjoy the most appropriate one for yourself.

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