Most Comfortable High Leg Recliner

Last Updated : Jan 16, 2021

Nowadays the variety we get in recliners are too much there are dozens of different category options available when we check the recliners but recliners are those furniture which are to be chosen after knowing their real purpose.

One such category of recliners is high leg recliner if you are looking for a traditional old style recliner for your home then high leg recliners are perfect for you.

In this detailed review article we have reviewed 10 most comfortable high leg recliner with their respective features, pros and cons and also added our detailed buying guide which makes sure that you choose your desired high leg recliner for your home.
Most Comfortable High Leg Recliner

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1 Mecor Lift Recliner Chair Power Lift Chair For Elderly With Adjustable Headrest Massage Recliner

Mecor Lift Recliner Chair Power Lift Chair For Elderly With Adjustable Headrest Massage Recliner

The headrest of this chair can be conveniently adjusted by the remote controller using the lift chair equipped with an electrically adjustable headrest that will help you relax your neck muscles and give you the perfect angles to rest.

This recliner has a silent electric motor lift mechanism that could push the whole recliner up quickly to help the senior stand up and that too without making much noise, often ideal for people who face any difficulty to get out of a chair.

The fabric filled with superfine fibres, soft and keeping your body warm, is made of high quality flannelette. Low moisture recovery will prevent bacterial growth and provide protection for your safe life.

Features & Specification ❯

  • Dimensions of the chair are 36.8'' Wx39.0' 'Dx40.9'’
  • Manufacturer's Suggested Maximum Weight is 330 Pounds
  • Colour of the chair is beige
  • The reclining angle of the chair is 160 degrees
  • This chair allows you to completely stretch and relax yourself

(+) PROS

  • It is perfect for watching TV, sleeping and reading
  • It has an extending footrest and good reclining feature.
  • It is specially Made of high quality flannelette
  • The fabric is made up of superfine fibres
  • The material is super soft and keep your body warm

(-) CONS

  • No cons found for this recliner in this eegment

2 Mcombo Small Sized Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa with Massage and Heat for Small Elderly People

Mcombo Small Sized Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa with Massage and Heat for Small Elderly People

This power recliner has a driven system that can be used in an upright position or reclined with just the touch of a button, which looks like a traditional recliner.

For someone who has mobility problems or recovers from surgery, as well as people with chronic back pain who can't get comfortable in a traditional chair, it's a perfect option.

Shortened the length of the backrest to 24.4" and tested the height of the padded headrest for comfort by studying the physical features of small people.

The split configuration of the backrest really provides the human body with great support.

Features & Specification ❯

  • Overall Dimension: 31.9"(W)x29.5"(L)x39"(H)
  • Weight Capacity of the chair is 320 lbs
  • The chair comes with dual USB outlets that are used for charging devices
  • It also has dual side pockets for small objects.
  • Upholstery is high faux leather

(+) PROS

  • It’s super easy to assemble
  • It is designed for short people
  • The headrest is padded for extra comfort
  • The design of the backrest is very exclusive
  • Very easy to lift and recline

(-) CONS

  • USB ports are for devices with low power, such as iPhone, iPad.
  • It Doesn’t have a battery backup

3 HOMCOM Power Lift Assist Recliner Chair for Elderly with Wheels and Remote Control

HOMCOM Power Lift Assist Recliner Chair for Elderly with Wheels and Remote Control

This homcom power chair has a simple remote control feature and can raise the height of the backrest to 140 degrees.

The lift chair will lift you up smoothly and comfortably and enable someone with a stroke or rheumatism to get out of it and It take bear upto 265lbs will sustain it and it's suitable for small spaces.

You can always make it easy with a power lift chair to get in and out of the chair the Lift Chair is an unbelievable combination of strength, comfort and durability.

The Superior support and optimum performance are provided by this solid frame and heavy duty lift chair. It is a heavy duty personal mobility aid intended to give people the ability to stand up from a seated position safely.

Features & Specification ❯

  • Dimensions are 26"W x 37" D x 38.75" H
  • The position of recliner has all-electric lift and electric recline
  • It is controlled by the remote controller included.
  • The Backrest along with footrest will recline up to 140 degrees for a relaxed snap
  • The sturdy frame of steel supports up to 265lbs of weight capability

(+) PROS

  • The Stylish look of linen fabric gives a royal look
  • The chair has foam upholstery inside it.
  • The Chair, backrest, armrest are heavily padded for maximum comfort
  • The remote control fits into the side pocket comfortably.
  • For fast movement it has wheels included
  • It doesn’t Need any assembly

(-) CONS

  • Before buying, please check the detailed scale.
  • It is thin on the cushioning

4 Massage Recliner Chair With Lumbar Heating, Side Pocket & Remote Control

Massage Recliner Chair With Lumbar Heating, Side Pocket & Remote Control

This chair is made of eco Friendly wood with higher production costs, the strong light pine wooden frame without formaldehyde complies with the California Air Resources Board's P2 Criteria.

Upholstered in soft and comfortable microfiber fabric and packed with a high-density sponge, constructed with a reinforced steel construction on a solid wood frame that can support up to 350 lbs.

Every massage point can be controlled individually, always one for you, equipped with 8 strong massage motors and 5 massage modes for selection! Four custom zone settings, including back, lumbar, thigh and leg, are successful.

The heating function encourages blood circulation, providing total relaxation of the body.

Features & Specification ❯

  • Dimensions are 36"Lx38"W x39"H
  • It has 8 Vibrating massage motors and 5 massage modes
  • It Also has 2 Vibration intensity .
  • It also contains Heat function for lumbar for better support
  • It is completely Remote control

(+) PROS

  • It has 360 degree swivel angle
  • It has 100-160°reclining angle
  • It is Upholstered in soft and comfortable microfiber fabric
  • It is packed with a high-density sponge
  • It is also constructed with a reinforced steel framework on a solid wood frame
  • It can support up to maximum 350 lbs

(-) CONS

  • There are no massaging rollers or anything all it does it vibrate.
  • And not even very strong on the high intensity level either

5 Esright Electric Power Lift Chair Lift Chairs Recliners For Elderly

Esright Electric Power Lift Chair Lift Chairs Recliners For Elderly

The Esright lift chair is operated by an electric and TUV motor that can simultaneously operate the back and footrest, providing an adjustable and convenient seating and lying position for anyone who uses it.

The engine is smooth and silent. Infinite positions, managing to recline to 150 degrees, are provided the new Esright power lift chair will allow the elderly to stand up or lie down with ease.

The electric lift mechanism will lift you smoothly and securely. Remote control induces movements between reclining, sitting and lifting and can quickly stop at any point in between.

With this strong recliner, you will have infinite reclining positions. With a retractable footrest and an adaptable backrest it can work very well.

Features & Specification ❯

  • The Recliner comes with 8 collar, lumbar, thigh and leg vibration nodes
  • It also has one back area heating system
  • The 5 vibration modes (pulse, click, wave, auto and normal) with 2 low to high intensities are also provided
  • On the right side of the chair, you will have 2 buttons
  • It has one remote control for massage functions
  • and it also has control panel for lifting and reclining functions

(+) PROS

  • The entire body can be easily bundled up in the chair
  • The overstuffed upholstery padded with high density sponge brings warmth.
  • It gives a warm and soft feeling as well as a certain anti-felting and anti-pilling effect
  • It is supported by soft and smooth microfiber.
  • All wood boards that are used are Formaldehyde-free

(-) CONS

  • Power cords aren’t very long
  • It has separate power for the massage and the lift

6 Power Lift Recliner Chair For Elderly With Massage & Vibration Electric Recliner

Power Lift Recliner Chair For Elderly With Massage & Vibration Electric Recliner

It has a good counter balance lift mechanism that lifts the whole chair up quickly without adding tension to the back or knees to support the senior stand up. For the living room, bedroom, and home theatre room, this elevator recliner chair is suitable.

For your convenience, massage and lift functions can be operated by a multi-function remote.

You can Smoothly adapt to any customised position that allows you to stop the lift at any desired position.

Extending footrest and reclining features, suitable for watching TV, sleeping, and reading, helps you to completely stretch and relax. It slopes down to 135 degrees.

Features & Specification ❯

  • Overall dimension: 28" (W) X 31" (D) X 40" (H)
  • It has Four different modes satisfy the various massage requirements.
  • The given 2 massage areas concentrate on the lumbar.
  • The strength and position of the massage can be freely chosen.
  • It also Acts to make your waist more relaxed with a massage.

(+) PROS

  • This chair is upholstered in soft and comfortable microfiber fabric
  • It is filled with a sponge of high density
  • It features an overstuffed seat, backrest and armrest
  • It gives you more comfort than expected.
  • It’s very easy to assemble

(-) CONS

  • It’s shipped in 2 packages
  • It’s very cheaply made

7 OKIDA Electric Recliner Chair With Massage, Heat And USB Charge Port Power Recliner For Elderly

OKIDA Electric Recliner Chair With Massage, Heat And USB Charge Port Power Recliner For Elderly

Are you still looking for a luxurious massage, heat feature and USB port electric reclining chair? You can go for the OKIDA recliner chair, it offers a nice relaxing lounging experience, you can relax absolutely after a long day or have some casual time with the family.

It is Equipped with a USB port that keeps your devices charging, when sitting on our chair, you have no worries about your phone or iPad out of control.

Two side pockets on both sides of the armrests meet your needs best and are handy for small objects within reach the lining springs will offer you more comfort with an overstuffed backrest and seat cushion, just like the entire body is bundled in a chair.

The treated fabric surface offers a warm and soft contact impression, as well as some anti-felting and anti-pilling effects.

Features & Specification ❯

  • Overall Dimension: 38.2"(W) x 29"(D) x 39.8"(H
  • By pressing the button, the electric recliner reclines gently and effortlessly.
  • The USB Charge Port is used to charge your phone or iPad when sitting on this chair.
  • The Lumbar heating is intended to warm your waist and relax the body.
  • The 8 vibration points of Personalized Massage give you the best relaxation

(+) PROS

  • Overstuffed Pillow & Cushion Provide head, neck, back and lumbar support.
  • It is very easy to assemble
  • The fabric used is very soft
  • Weight Capacity is 300lbs
  • The reclining angle is 140.

(-) CONS

  • The USB port doesn’t work properly
  • The reclining has some issues

8 Merax Reclining Chair Lazy Boy Sofa for Elderly Power Lift Office or Living Room

Merax Reclining Chair Lazy Boy Sofa for Elderly Power Lift Office or Living Room

The exclusive merax recliner chair is a power lift chair. A recliner that rises and slants to help the user get in and out of a sitting position is a power lift recliner.

To relax or sleep, they often recline backwards into a lying-down position. Needless to say, among people with limited mobility, these nifty chairs have become increasingly popular.

A light and solid fabric plus soft upholstery for ample comfort. It has Flexible versatility through a button between reclining and lifting.

The Strong steel foundation and ergonomic design to accommodate up to 300 lbs. And moreover It is suitable for elderly people who watch TV, sleep, read or relax.

Features & Specification ❯

  • Product Dimensions 32 x 30 x 29 inches
  • The maximum suggested weight is 330 lbs
  • The Material is Eclectic, Foam, Leather, Metal, Steel
  • It has a wired controller
  • It doesn’t need any assembly

(+) PROS

  • For long time use it is made of PU leather cloth, steel, foam and hardwood
  • It is Upholstered clean with a dry or damp lint-free fabric
  • It has a thicker foam padded back cushion and armrest offer more comfort.
  • It is very Fast to change the position from reclining to sitting up
  • It’s a very comfortable remote control chair which is easy to control

(-) CONS

  • The leather is poor
  • The armrest is very uncomfortable

9 VINGLI Lift Chair Recliner For Elderly Power Electric Lift Chair Massage Recliner Chair

VINGLI Lift Chair Recliner For Elderly Power Electric Lift Chair Massage Recliner Chair

Are you Looking for a recliner for your old parents? Try the VINGLI recliners for elderly electric power lift chairs.

It is an ideal solution for anyone who has trouble transitioning from a seated position to standing due to limited mobility or balance problems.

This power recliner chairs can slowly lift or recline smoothly and quietly to different angles for your maximum comfort angle with an easy touch on the button without adding pressure on the back or knees, they help you stand up comfortably, they are very safe and comfortable with no risk of the user falling over while getting in and out of the chair.

Lift chairs are particularly convenient for the elderly, people with disabilities or those who have arthritis or knee surgery.

Features & Specification ❯

  • Dimensions are 18.5"W x 18.5"D
  • The Synthetic fibres have a smooth and cosy touch
  • You can easily embrace high-quality material and heavy-duty steel frame
  • It provides utmost protection and comfort
  • It also ensures stability.

(+) PROS

  • High-density foam is filled to provide overstuffed backrest
  • The armrest and seating area to make you feel more relaxed
  • It has USB ports that allows you to charge your phone and other items
  • This lift chairs comes with 8 points focused on shin,thigh,lumbar,back
  • It also 5 types of intensity and 8 different massage modes that can accommodate your demand

(-) CONS

  • The colour is very dull
  • It’s very difficult to assemble

10 POMOHOME Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa Lift Chair Recliner For Elderly With Soft Fabric

POMOHOME Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa Lift Chair Recliner For Elderly With Soft Fabric

A succinct, smooth design language is used on the Pomohome power recliner. The soft sofa's frosted fabric looks smooth and textured.

All of the cushions, backrests and armrests are made of thick fabrics that look complete and elegant, ideal for putting in the bedroom, dining room and balcony.

There is a thick and large backrest, cushions, and armrests on the rocking chair. The nature of the deep sitting angle makes the sofa recliner framework ideally align with the arc between the hips and waist, offering ultimate comfort and giving you ergonomics practicality.

The Pomohome Electric Power lift chair will still accompany you softly and comfortably if you are looking for a power lift chair for your family members. It's great for your living room, bedroom and for any part of your home.

Features & Specification ❯

  • It is provided with the silent motor with FCC and UL certification for the elder people.
  • It will lift the entire chair smoothly.
  • You can possibly tilt the two buttons of the remote control to various angles
  • you can smoothly move to a custom location
  • You can lay where you want to relax, take a nap or watch television.

(+) PROS

  • The maximum weight Capacity is 300lbs
  • The exterior of the recliner is covered with a high-quality fabric
  • The wear-resistant and sturdy fabric is very comfortable and breathable.
  • The fabric's interior is packed with STC-tested high-density dense soft sponge
  • The inner structure is made of selected fumigated solid wood.

(-) CONS

  • The fabric gets dirty easily
  • The structure is very old fashioned

Buying Guide On How To Buy Most Comfortable High Leg Recliner :-

A recliner may be a big purchase and it is indeed a big purchase but when it comes to comfort and your relaxation nothing can beat this

When choosing the proper high leg recliner, you would like to think about your space. Take the time to think about the size and therefore the features of the space where your new recliner is to be placed.

Will it's a recreation room where everyone gathers to observe tv, or will it's an adults-only room used for reading and hosting guests? Well if it's for your home, an office, or are you considering it for a nursery? Once you’ve answered these questions, you then get to decide where within the room you’d wish to place your recliner.

Before you create the last word decision on your new recliner supported by your personal preferences, consider the below points before choosing your most comfortable high leg recliner.

High Leg Recliner Built Quality :-

High leg recliners are accessible in numerous assortments of either cowhide upholstery, leather, Synthetic Fabrics, or certain Natural textures. These textures can be in numerous examples or shadings that you need.

Conventional high leg recliners have wooden legs that might be made from metal with wood finish, plywood, or strong wood. Numerous customers likewise purchase coordinating footstools for the recliners.

The exemplary cowhide recliner is ordinarily preferred by men. While ladies normally like texture recliners.

Various models are planned as a high-upheld rocker with side pieces projecting from the back (to shield the sitter from drafts) or called wingback seats. The best models use hardwood or cherry for their legs.

High Leg Recliner Upholstery Materials :-


The superior calfskin upholstery of a high leg recliner is upscale and agreeable. A different stool can likewise be ideal for a high-leg cowhide recliner to give the solace of having your feet up.

It doesn't make a difference if you are after a contemporary cowhide high leg recliner style or the conventional one. The style is immortality to the cowhide high leg calfskin recliner seat. It never becomes dated!

Since they are made with similar structure and material as couches, quality high leg recliners will keep going as long as couches. You can have from five to fifteen years on the off chance that they see everyday use or as high as twenty years with real calfskin.

False leather

Fake cowhide or polyurethane leather or PU cowhide is a fake leather made of thermoplastic polymer. It is ordinarily more moderate than authentic leather.

The material is truly strong, can keep going quite a while, is not inclined to break or strip, doesn't blur effectively under bright light, and can withstand scratches and scratches.

You can wide clean false cowhide materials utilizing warm water and a cloth. Some false cowhides can eliminate food messes, fluid, and ink with dry fabric.

Artificial cowhide can mirror a visual look with the sensible calfskin quality and give a uniform look. For an assortment of examples and surfaces, fake cowhide material can likewise be printed.

It may very well be colored a rainbow of shadings that makes it simple while enriching private insides with a high leg recliner. Underway, false leather is simpler to sew and cut than certified cowhide.


Polyester is a manufactured texture for furniture made from oil. It is the most mainstream material for a buyer and mechanical applications.

The material is a polymer essentially made out of mixes in ester useful gathering. Some are plant-based polyester filaments produced using ethylene and some are biodegradable.

Most polyesters are mixed with characteristic fiber or cotton. The toughness, shrinkage, and wrinkling profile of polyester when mixed with cotton.

The polyester texture is a magnificent decision for a high leg recliner as a result of its exceptionally impervious to ecological conditions for long haul use.

The polyester material is perhaps the most generally created texture in the market today. It is elusive clothing without polyester fiber.

What Is A High Leg Recliner?

A high leg recliner has an appearance of something like a common and old traditional recliner but it function as recliners.

The legs of the recliners are decorative, standard, and their reclining mechanisms aren't exactly like those in ordinary recliners it’s a different kind of recliner but it is a proper recliner.

The high leg recliners commonly placed in drawing rooms and formal living rooms because due to their elegant design and comfort.

High leg recliner. Does one want to take a seat during a recliner that's designed to tip comfortably back? By sitting in this manner, you'll be relaxed together with your feet out on an attached footrest.

Many people today have recliners in their front room, dens, or TV rooms for comfortable viewing. A recliner means to assist you to lie back during a relaxed position or to bend or recline.

Recliners were already around since the 1800s. The primary patented recliner was the La-Z-Boy recliner in 1928.

High leg recliners are available in many different fabric choice if you want either leather upholstery you will find leather high leg recliner if you want synthetic fabrics on your high leg recliner or natural fabrics you will find those as well.

These fabrics are often in many patterns or colors that you simply want.

Traditional high leg recliners have wooden legs that will be manufactured from metal with wood finish, Plywood, or solid wood. Many consumers also buy matching ottomans for the recliners.

The classic leather recliner is usually favored by men. While women commonly like fabric recliners.

Numerous models are designed as a high-backed arm recliner with side pieces projecting from the rear (to protect the sitter from drafts) or called wingback recliners.

Benefits Of Getting A High Leg Recliner :-

  • If you concern about the maintenance of your space you can easily clean the under area of the recliner because it has a good amount of space underneath the high leg recliner for cleaning and vacuuming the rock bottom of the high leg recliner
  • If you're tall, the high leg recliner can provide a cushy recline sitting and upright position
  • If you favor a more classic or traditional style, high leg recliner is what you're trying to find
  • It is ideal for smaller areas and spaces

Conclusion :-

A high leg recliner can provide a level of relaxation adequate to or exceeding that of knowledge. Moreover, the convenience of getting the power to receive the benefits of a high leg recliner from the privacy of your house at the time that you simply need it the foremost is priceless.

There are numerous models to choose from today but these above reviews high leg recliners are one of the most comfortable high leg recliner you will ever find also the price range is also appropriate according to their features and characteristics

There are many budgeted high leg recliner is also listed above so, you need not to buy the foremost expensive model that you simply can’t afford just to make sure that your recliner will provide all the therapeutic benefits that you simply desire, for an extended time.

So choose wisely and check all the above reviewed high leg recliners according to your requirement and then decide to finally buy a recliner also don’t forget to check our buying guide if you are confuse about the things and options that you need to check before buying.

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