Best Reclining Sofa With Lumbar Support

Last Updated : Jan 16, 2021

A reclining sofa in your living room or your wherever you used to relax is like a heaven at your fingertips. With the click of a button, change the lumbar tension to your ideal level of comfort.

When offering relaxation and encouragement from the seat of your sofa, treat lower back pain. A reclining sofa with motorised lumbar support or good cushion support at lumbar will bring comfort and you feel good if you are experiencing lower back or spine pain, sore shoulders, or a stiff neck.

In the below following review guide will take you through 10 best reclining sofa with lumbar support we have listed and reviewed along with their features, pros, cons and buying guide. Most of these reclining sofas also have power reclining and power headrests, perfect in the lumbar region to get the maximum advantage
Best Reclining Sofa With Lumbar Support

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1 Valencia Tuscany Home Theater Seating Recliner

Valencia Tuscany Home Theater Seating Recliner

What characteristics could take the night of your movie from good to incredible? Would it be great food, awesome company, or popular movies? All the above? Tuscany home theatre seats are what will make every evening memorable from their point of view. Tuscany will become the centrepiece of your home theatre room.

The comfortable cushions, power motorised lumbar support and powered headrest will enhance the classy finishes and neat design, making it easier for you to drop down and relax each time. The premium line features the reclining mechanism of the globally known Leggett & Platt.

Built for lifelong comfort and unprecedented ease of use. Characteristics of this reclining sofas are top grain leather power recliners, adjustable powered headrest, adjustable powered lumbar support centre fold-down table with charging station and cup holders, secret storage compartments, stainless steel cup holders and USB charging.

Features & Specification ❯

  • With a new tactile button control system, the new Tuscany 2.0 model has been revised, ensuring the recline mechanisms are now much more flexible and easier to control, allowing all three reclining features to be used simultaneously.
  • To return the seat to its original position, a new button was added.
  • Motorized Lumbar Support Strength, motorised headrest and storage compartment for the arm.
  • Ambient LED base lighting and super stylish built-in LED cup holders with USB charging port for each arm.

(+) PROS

  • With their signature style of wall hugging, never waste an inch.
  • Built to make the most of any room while offering a spacious atmosphere, even when fully reclined!
  • The secret to a comfortable movie experience is customisation.
  • With the signature motorised headrest, take control of your comfort.
  • It Adapts your seat to your needs is a breeze!

(-) CONS

  • Nothing found as a con for this recliner

2 Seatcraft Vienna Home Theater Power Recliner

Seatcraft Vienna Home Theater Power Recliner

In every aspect, the Seatcraft Vienna sofa and Sofa range combining components from the most common sofas, padding architecture, configurations and features in demand, the Seatcraft Vienna provides a consistently fulfilling experience.

This is a reclining sofa that has plenty for everyone. Because of its internal padding, construction and design, sofas designed with its infrastructure are often described as the most comfortable Seatcraft sofas, due most of their design to one of the original Seatcraft Flala.

With its deceptively comfortable nature under its rigid-looking frame, supportive padding layers soothe you into countless comforts; lumbar strength, powered headrest, USB charging ports, in-arm storage, cup holders, power recline, and so much more.

The Vienna can fit in anywhere to please anyone with its range of features, Top-Grain leather 7000 construction, and the sleek, refined appearance that ties it all together. A powerful piece of furniture for anyone's living room.

Features & Specification ❯

  • Full recline to attain optimal relaxation
  • Recline to the cosy T.V. Place for display.
  • To change the headrest, use power controls to always be in the optimum viewing position
  • The default upright sitting posture of the sofa
  • Place the wireless charging ring on your QI-enabled computer and let the power flow.

(+) PROS

  • Recline your seats and headrests in your favourite place by simply pressing a button on the power control panel of each end seat.
  • To charge your phone or other electronic device easily, a handy USB port is included.
  • Top grain leather is the very finest leather that you can select for your home theatre bench, very clearly.
  • From the top 30 percent of all cowhides, selected for quality look and texture
  • This unique luxury material is carefully hand-picked.

(-) CONS

  • The back sofa is not comfortable.
  • The quality is not upto the mark.

3 Coaster Home Furnishings Sir Rawlinson Motion Reclining Sofa

Coaster Home Furnishings Sir Rawlinson Motion Reclining Sofa

This classic movement sofa, stylish and durable, looks great in a traditional space. The buckskin coated microfiber upholstery is sleek and warm, and exudes comfort. A fancy nail head trim sparkles with metallic details.

On the seat and back, plush cushions provide head and lumbar support while staying classy. With the look of neat rolled weapons, relax in style. Coaster Fine Furniture offers furniture and home items for the bedroom, living room, and dining room that fit every style, with commitment to quality and appreciation for the tastes and needs of their customers.

Coaster Fine Furniture collections cover living, dining, kitchens, bedrooms and any room in your home to create luxurious and calming spaces.

Features & Specification ❯

  • Product Dimensions are 89 x 39 x 39 inches
  • The available materials are plastic, solid wood and plywood.
  • 100% polyester material is the quality
  • The colour of the cloth is Buckskin brown.

(+) PROS

  • The highest quality and value available on the market is reflected by their goods.
  • Quality assurance is drawn from more than 30 years of experience delivering fine home furnishings to the world.
  • As your entire home resource, their comprehensive product range serves to suit any lifestyle and any environment.
  • For your relaxing downtime, it creates the perfect space.

(-) CONS

  • The colours are dull
  • The upholstery needs high maintenance.

4 Homelegance Center Hill 83" Double Glider Reclining Sofa With Console

Homelegance Center Hill 83" Double Glider Reclining Sofa With Console

The Center Hill Collection style will be a welcome addition to your living room with luxurious seating that is rare in most conventional looks. The cover comes in either dark brown (9668NDB) or saddle, provided in a leather gel match (9668NSD).

With the traditional nail head accent giving each piece an elegant statement and the simple recline mechanisms that add comfort, the lovely Center Hill Collection will provide a warm atmosphere for your friends and family to spend their quality moment.

Saddle brown leather gel match(9668NSD), brown bonded leather(9668BRW), black bonded leather(9668BRW) and brown cloth(9668BJT) are available in other fabric and colour choices.

Features & Specification ❯

  • The double glider reclining sofa (model # 9668NDB-2) from Center Hill Collection is wrapped in dark brown leather gel match (seating) and bi-cast vinyl/faux leather (body)
  • Nail head accent for conventional rolled arms and channel tufted style features
  • Double reclining mechanism for lever action
  • It has gliding motion when not reclined
  • It has 2-cup holder and console storage compartment
  • Measures 83" x 41" x 40"H

(+) PROS

  • It has easy back assembly of the sofa
  • Available in driven mechanism
  • It is available in brown and black colour.
  • It aims to provide a flexible selection of dining tables. storage and seating choices for the hub of your home.
  • It includes dining table options for the casual cosy apartment to the greatest of formal dining rooms.

(-) CONS

  • Very difficult to assemble.
  • Too heavy to displace.

5 AC Pacific Living Room Upholstered Reclining Sofa

AC Pacific Living Room Upholstered Reclining Sofa

Don't trade the price for quality and comfort. All qualifications for true relaxation and entertainment are fulfilled by their upholstered dual reclining Sofa. Two (2) people sit in their Sofa and have two (2) recliners! The fabric is a 100% polyester easy to touch that makes cleaning tiny spills a breeze.

Furniture in brown isn't your thing. They understand you, which is why they took a contemporary design and gave you the Grey option. For added comfort when watching your favourite show, scrolling through your feed, or just relaxing with the kiddos, their Jim collection includes padded pillow top armrests.

If you're spending time watching a movie with your family eating popcorn, entertaining friends, relaxing after a long day's work, or just enjoying a bingeing lounge day. their Jim, for you is the ideal option.

Features & Specification ❯

  • Dimensions are 39" H x 59" W x 38" D
  • material type: Fabric Polyester Foam Wood
  • On a reinforced corner blocked and glued-solid sided wood frame that rests on a reclining steel rail system, this modern Sofa has been constructed.
  • Seating and support: a sinuous system of springs that has been mounted over an enclosed foam seat assembly
  • It consists of 1. 8 density foam that sits on top of a sheet of Dacron fiber-wrapped pocket coils.

(+) PROS

  • Built-in spring coils offer additional support for these reclining sofas.
  • They are more comfortable and soothing to use.
  • Features a soft padded chaise footrest that lifts the lower back and legs to help calm the body and relive tension and pressure.
  • Experience real relaxation with their reclining sofa set with a comfortable seat.
  • It has pillow-padded sides, a triple lumbar and back cushion for ultimate comfort.

(-) CONS

  • Weight holding Capacity is less.
  • Does not recline back properly.

6 Container Furniture Direct Adeline Mid Century Modern Leatherette Living Room Reclining Sofa

Container Furniture Direct Adeline Mid Century Modern Leatherette Living Room Reclining Sofa

With rocking and swivel sides, and soft pillow back cushions, the Adeline recliner Sofa provides the ideal combination of relaxation and comfort. This piece is made of hardwood, packed with foam and covered in sturdy faux leather cushions.

For all touches, the comfortable padded arms provide maximum comfort. For you to kick up your feet to watch TV, work on a laptop or just hang out with family and friends, this recliner provides the best relaxation. It offers great support for the neck and lumbar. Making them the most common option of seating for daily use.

Features & Specification ❯

  • Measures 58.25" L x 29" W x 25" H, Weighs 131.36 lbs.
  • Crafted with sturdy beryline faux leather, wood frame, and a solid foundation of metal.
  • Relaxation and easy seating are provided by this reclining Sofa.
  • With a mid-century style, this Recliner offers great neck and lumbar support.
  • Terylene is the used substance.

(+) PROS

  • Tie the cables together, connect them into the wall, and you're ready to go.
  • Made of highly resilient sponge and high-grade breath leather material.
  • There's no need for you to think about comfort.
  • More importantly, cleaning and maintenance of the recliner is very simple.
  • To get a fresh look, you can wipe it gently with a wet cloth.

(-) CONS

  • Hard to put together.
  • Some features do not work well.

7 Trampton Contemporary Power Reclining Sofa With Console

Trampton Contemporary Power Reclining Sofa With Console

Are you looking to get one of the house's best seats? With adjustable headrests and power lumbar support, the sleek Tramp tonne power reclining sofa caters to your comfort. For ultimate relaxation, three push buttons allow you to make changes.

Plus, every switch is easily integrated with a USB charging port where you can plug in electronic devices without leaving your seat. It is modern when it comes to style, with a clean custom profile elevated on the cushioned armrests with contrast jumbo stitching and contrast welts. Plus, with storage as well as two cup holders, the middle console is super convenient.

The slow closing hinges on the lift-top armrest are awesome. The upholstery is in the latest Duracell heavyweight fabric, which makes this sofa sturdy and easy to clean, definitely comfortable and enjoyable for years to come.

Features & Specification ❯

  • Product Dimensions are 39 x 78 x 41 inches
  • Now with the click of a button, you can enjoy power-reclining action
  • It has Easy View adjustable headrests, power lumbar support and extended ottomans for increased comfort.
  • Soft, durable and easy to clean, Smoky Gray Durapella (a polyester/polyurethane blend) is one-touch power, USB charging ports, power lumbar support and power adjustable headrests.

(+) PROS

  • This couch will become the favourite seat for your family.
  • including the smoky grey fabric, power lumbar support and ultra-soft fabric.
  • This sofa with storage console and dual cup holders is the ideal addition to your recliner, sofa, couch or sectional sets.
  • It is very Plushily padded.
  • Attach the wires, plug them into the wall and you're ready to go.

(-) CONS

  • Only fits to 32 inches or wider through doorways
  • The sofa looks old.

8 Welsford Faux Leather Power Reclining Sofa W/ Console

Welsford Faux Leather Power Reclining Sofa W/ Console

In order to replicate the home and transport environments for enhanced durability, frame constructions have been rigorously tested. Developed and crafted by Ashley Furniture Industries; The trusted source of trendy furniture, lighting, rugs, accessories and mattresses.

For every taste and budget. Relax on faux leather wrapped high-resilience foam cushions equipped with one-touch control, power lumbar support, Easy View power adjustable headrest and USB charging port. Decked out with diamond lattice stitching and strength support for your back and legs, this modern beauty has nothing to desire.

Features & Specification ❯

  • Walnut brown makes an impressive debut in your living room.
  • The reclining is simpler than ever, just one click of a button, and in this 2 seater you can sit back and relax.
  • This sofa, covered with a storage console and 2 cup holders.
  • measuring 76 inches wide by 39 inches deep by 43 inches height
  • It is such a comfortable complement in your living room with an accent sofa.

(+) PROS

  • It is Ready to enjoy your home instantly.
  • The power cord is included and UL is listed.
  • It's great for taller people.
  • It's soft yet has support and easy to get up from
  • the fabric is better than any other leather.

(-) CONS

  • The build quality is very poor.
  • It contains so many flaws.

9 B BAIJIAWEI Power Reclining Sofa With Console

B BAIJIAWEI Power Reclining Sofa With Console

The sumptuous feel and appeal of leather. At your fingertips, absolute convenience. What do you ever hesitate to do? Welcome to enjoy their Power Reclining Sofa, constructed for a feeling of comfort with outstanding and soft leather. For a cool twist, distinctive elements involve wraparound padded armrests.

The comfortably cushioned centre console offers hidden storage and 4 cup holders, adding a home movie theatre feature. You can easily take out the remote control, snacks, charging cable, earphones, and other small items prepared in advance from the side pocket when you lie on their Power Lift Recliner, saving your time. Made of highly resilient sponge and high-grade breath leather material.

There's no need for you to think about comfort. More importantly, cleaning and maintenance of the recliner is very simple. To get a fresh look, you can wipe it gently with a wet cloth.

Features & Specification ❯

  • It is easy to maintain high-quality PU materials
  • Double recline - separately driven
  • Style of heating for ultimate comfort
  • Recline on either side via a pull latch
  • Centre console and drawer with flip-up storage area
  • Arm with concealed storage area for large storage

(+) PROS

  • Three parts make it simple to install in a small room.
  • All you need to do is plug the back, insert the armrest into the seat, attach the 3 components, and then link the cables behind the back for use.
  • Super easy to assemble and typically the installation takes just 15-30 minutes to complete.
  • With wear-resistant resin feet, when you move the recliner.
  • you don't have to worry about damaging the bottom of the couch, and strong feet provide more support.

(-) CONS

  • The material is not a good quality material.
  • It lacks finishing.

10 Octane Seating Octane Charger XS300 Leather Home Theater Reclining Sofa

Octane Seating Octane Charger XS300 Leather Home Theater Reclining Sofa

The Charger XS300 is designed to be the market's best value model. their dedication to quality and premium design techniques enables the Charger at a very competitive price point to include a best of breed model.

The XS300 provides a manual recline mechanism for wall savers that allows the seat to be just up to 4 inches away from a wall to completely recline. As a space-saving feature, the arms are tapered and engineered to maximise the number of seats in your desired room.

For total head to toe comfort, the Charger provides complete head and neck support, along with very plush padding and a full sofa footrest. 1.8 high density foam wrapped around individually pocketed coils consists of the seating heart. This means that your furniture won't sag over time. Offered with an infinite number of seats per row in straight configurations.

Features & Specification ❯

  • Outstanding lower lumbar and head support
  • Memory foam infused with Serum for unprecedented comfort
  • Wall saver system that allows the seats to be put within inches of a wall
  • For a luxury seating experience, individual pocketed Coil seats surrounded by Dacron
  • For outstanding long-lasting comfort, PREMIUM high density foam

(+) PROS

  • Accessory Dock of Octane for all optional accessories
  • Ultra, along with a very supple and flexible side, offers rich tones and textures.
  • It is highly robust, welcoming to children and pets, and will wear very well over time.
  • The cut is thick and smooth, offering outstanding texture and sophistication.
  • For total head to toe comfort, the Charger provides complete head and neck support
  • along with very plush padding and a full sofa footrest.

(-) CONS

  • The sofa is less padded.
  • It can be easily cut.

Buying Guide On How To Buy Best Reclining Sofa With Lumbar Support

Exquisite comfort, fantastic features ever since they first came into the picture, the popularity of recliner sofas has been on the increase, and for a good reason. It is truly amazing how a recliner sofa uses minimal space to give you the full comfort of a bed.

Although it is certainly a wise decision to go for a recliner, finding the right one sometimes becomes a challenge. You see, you can't just go for a reclining sofa of any kind. You need to check to see if it fits the specifications for your body and comfort.

Multiple health conditions like back pain, poor posture, etc. may be introduced by the wrong sofa.

See If The Body Suits Correctly :-

Many recliners can just be perfect, but not according to your type of body. Spend some time sitting in them as you look at the sofas and notice how they cover your body. When sitting, are your feet hitting the floor? Can you rest your head on the headrest comfortably? If you want the best experience, these things are important.

Also, check to see if the gap is less than or equal to 5 inches between the leg rest and the seat. Notice if the footrest is the best way to hold your heels. The lumbar support too, i.e. not too soft and too hard, must be fine.

Get The Ideal Fabric :-

You'll have a hard time sitting in it if the fabric of your sofa isn't comfortable. So, make sure that you pay adequate attention to the fabric that your sofa. There are a range of choices to choose from, including leather, synthetic, cotton, microfiber, etc. The fabric must be selected according to the comfort and budget limitations of your budget.

Be Honest About The Room You Have :-

You'll need to calculate your room to get a better picture of the space you have to position the sofa in before you start searching for a recliner sofa. Recliners in multiple sizes are available. And because you're going to need some space to open and recline the sofa, calculating the available space is wise and then opting for a recliner sofa accordingly.

Reclining Sofa Built Quality :-

It is more of an investment than just another purchase to buy a recliner sofa. Since they are expensive, and they will be difficult to substitute later, you will need one that will stay with you for the longest time possible. Take a close look under the sofa while buying one by flipping it upside-down to see if you notice the following:

  • 4-sided frame: Some recliner sofas come with a fine two or three-sided frame, with the exception of not keeping well under strain. This practise will cause the two or three-sided frames before time to warp, divide, and wear out. Your sofa needs to have 4 side frames to make room for more tolerance and more durability.
  • Strong mesh layer: between the springs and cushions of your sofa, there should be a definitive mesh layer. This layer is important because it does the job of uniformly distributing weight to the surface. If not for this layer, because of the springs, your seat cushion can suffer wear and tear. So, make sure you do that.
  • Sofa base: The sofa base must be sturdy enough to absorb the entire weight without warping for the maximum amount of time. Recliner sofas usually come with 2 basic materials: plastic and hardwood. Plastic bases are softer and are more likely to be easily destroyed. On the other side, Hardwood bases are much more sturdier and durable. So, you still go for a foundation of hardwood.

Reclining Sofa Cushion Comfort (Head, Foot, Seat) :-

If you are inclined to spend less on a recliner, bear in mind that it will mean more luxury to find the correct match. And while quality recliners may cost more up front, years of comfort and support will be offered by the right recliner.

Choose the best fit and finish products for years of comfort without extra costs. For instance, the average recliner lasts around 10 years with periodic usage, according to Good Housekeeping magazine.

Reclining Sofa Extra Features :-

Recliners now have a selection of features, so decide on which features you need the most. For instance, are you looking for a recliner that gives you full body support while you are in a reclining position, including lumbar support?

In order to provide maximum comfort, modern recliners provide additional comfort features such as an articulated head rest that cradles your head and neck in the reclining position. In addition to this, recliners also provide absolute lumbar support in the sitting as well as the total recline position.

Reclining Sofa Size :-

Bear in mind how much physical space for a fresh recliner you have allocated. Consider not only the available space in your living room, but also the recliner size that suits your shape. Once you sit on them, recliners are better experienced and find out if it fits your body.

Choose a recliner with several characteristics that allow you to change the recline to relieve the pressure from your knees. The better a sofa suits you, the more relaxed you are going to be.

Conclusion :-

For things such as reading, relaxing and recreation, With the right leather sofas, recliners with lumbar support, and some lovely comfy rugs and cushions, this can be done. Lumbar support power reclining sofas are an exemplary design of power recliners that can alleviate the aches and pains of working long hours on a laptop, as every part of the body is comfortable, from legs to neck.

Reclining sofas encourage the whole family to enjoy a movie snuggled together to make the whole experience more enjoyable. With such recliners, there are endless possibilities of comfort available for all tasks. I hope their listed and reviewed best reclining sofa with lumbar support can save your time if you going to buy a one for yourself.

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