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WooCommerce Product Filter

Thursday, Feb 16, 2017

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WooCommerce Product Filter is all in one filter for every shop. It's a must have for any WordPress and WooCommerce Online Store owner. This plugin extends your store by adding advanced filters that both you and your customers will love. Take your business to a higher level with this brilliant plugin. WooCommerce Products Filter fits responsively with every template. Just install the plugin, setup basics in the WooCommerce>Settings>Products Filter and your WooCommerce Product Filter will be ready to use. With WooCommerce Product Filter your customers will find what they are looking for in the fastest and easiest way possible.

WooCommerce Product Filter

Some Of The Most Important Features Of WooCommerce Product Filter Plugin:-

Awesome User Interface
WooCommerce Product Filter has unlimited filter settings available in the super friendly drag and drop Product Filter Manager. WooCommerce Product Filter is seamlessly integrated with WooCommerce interface. You won’t believe how much it offers you in terms of flexibility and usability. WooCommerce Product Filter comes with various, very modern style options which you can combine further in order to suit the needs of your particular web based shop. At your disposal are a lot of general styles, check-box styles and appearance options. Customization using CSS is an absolute pleasure so you will be able to achieve wonderful results with very little coding skills and perfectly integrate the WooCommerce Product Filter into your web shop.

Filter and Term Customization
This long awaited feature is finally here. The WooCommerce Product Filter just got a whole lot more awesome! Customize each of your filters by using the Filter Style Customizer. Display your filters as Text, Image, Thumbnail, Thumbnail with Text, Select Box or insert custom HTML. Unlimited layout possibilities are now available. Unlimited styles, colors and thumbnails. With Term Customizer you can customize your term values like filtering by price or setting products by page. Filter by Prices, Stock, Taxonomies, Sale Filters, Custom Taxonomies, Attributes, Tags, Characteristics and more! Choose which terms to show, how they are to be ordered, hierarchy, with multi select ON or OFF and with filtering IN and AND, enable or disable adoptive filtering, select term relations, use images for presenting your variations (like color or size, etc) and many more.

Adoptive Filtering for Best Results
Extremely useful option supported in WooCommerce Product filter is that you can enable Adoptive Filtering. Adoptive means, that if you have active filters, remaining terms within your filters will take notice of that. Choose between hiding the non existing terms or to show them in different styles. Using the Adoptive Filtering cleverly can make your filter suit your site in just seconds. This option places the plugin high above the competition on the market. Get more information on the Adoptive filtering in the WooCommerce Product Filter guide video.

Widget Filters in Sidebars
If you are using Product Filter in web shop sidebar, it’s available, Product Filter Widget is also included. All filtering styles, filters and range filters are supported in the WooCommerce Product Filter Widget too. Product Filter Widget supports loading a filter preset for the widget, AJAX, as well as adding custom actions for redirecting the filter results to specific pages in your shop and all other feature the original filter offers. Product Filter widgets will seamlessly integrate within your sidebar. Control your products directly from the widget areas, add WooCommerce Product Filter Widget to your site!

AJAX Product Filter and AJAX Widget
If you don’t want the filter to reload the page each time a filtering action is performed, you can also use the incredible AJAX load function, so that the filter results are displayed instantaneously, right before your customers eyes. AJAX loading is ultra fast in both shortcode, widget and using the Shop/Product Archives. Everything is at your fingertips. Please note, that AJAX is not supported in all themes. Consult the Documentation on the plugin or the plugin author to confirm that the AJAX will be available for your needs.

Filter Analytics for All Web Shops
See what your visitors are looking for in your Store! Detailed filtering analytics give you complete overview of the terms being filter with the WooCommerce Filter plugin. An invaluable term for any Shop Manager and business! Improve your store experience and earn more money! Find out easily, presented in fine graphics what your customers want the most. Suit your goods and products to your customers lickings.

Register and Get Automatic Updates!
Enter your purchase code to register the WooCommerce Product Filter and get automatic updates with a single click directly from WordPress. Any future update made available by the author is included with every purchase. Upon a new release, get notified directly from your Wordpress Dashboard. Update the plugin from the Dashboard Plugins with the automated Wordpress functions. Always use the latest version for the best compatibility!

More Key Features Of WooCommerce Product Filter Plugin:-

  • 6.0.0+ Meta Filters! Custom fields filters and the most awesome instock/outofstock variable product support!
  • Filter by any criteria! Price filters, ordering, taxonomy filters, meta filters attribute filters, per page, in stock filters, sale filters and search filters are available. AJAX is supported too!
  • Awesome admin User Interface! Setup your filters with ease using the Filter Presets Manager! All the options at your fingertips
  • Full Filter Term Customization! Customize all your terms, use thumbnails, colors, different checkbox layouts, selectbox and more!
  • Range Filters! Available for prices and taxonomies including attributes! Use numerical ranges in your filters
  • Adoptive Filtering! Show only remaining terms within your filters narrowing down the filtering criteria
  • Filter Analytic! Find out what your users are searching for! Adjust your products to customers needs
  • Sidebar and Widget WooCommerce Product Filters! Full support for all themes in sidebar mode!
  • Register and Automatic Updates! Get instant updates via Wordpress in a single click! Just enter your purchase code in the Product Filter Registration
  • Translation Ready and full WPML support! Fully translated in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch language!

Customer Reviews :-

"Amazing plugin Full of features a must have"

"Must have plugin for WooCommerce! Very good plugin."

"The best filter plugin for Woocommerce. Plugin features are endless and author constantly improves and updates this plugin for customer needs. Thanks a lot!"

"There are so many really cool features in this plug-in that anyone who runs a WooCommerce store with products that have tons of attributes, should buy this."

"We love this plugin and the flexibility that it offers to our webshop"

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