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NEX Forms - The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder

Thursday, Feb 16, 2017

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NEX Forms is a premium multi functional form builder for WordPress users it has tons of features every WordPress user needed like you can choose from 40+ form fields and elements to add to your forms. Add and sort form elements with simple drag and drop or single click.This plugin will work on all devices and screen resolutions.There is a special kind of grid system in this plugin which helps you to create any kind of layout you want. You can use 70+ animations 600+ icons 1200+ fonts in this plugin to give your form completely different look.

NEX Forms - The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder

Some Of The Most Important Features Of NEX Form Plugin:-

Built using the latest web technologies like html5, css3, and jQuery, rest assured NEX-Forms will look smashing on every device.

Make use of 50+ Bootstrap styled fields with pixel perfect precision! More for less!

Designed with modern trends and techniques in mind, NEX-Forms will help you connect with your customers in a whole new and exciting way.

Add and sort form elements with simple drag and drop. If you can play solitare you can build stunning web forms without a single line of code

Create any form layout with one of a kind draggable grid system! Includes unlimited grid nesting!

Break your forms down into managable steps. Includes the ability to create online questionares!

Catch your users eye with 70+ super smooth animations.

Perform simple and complex math equations from user selections and input.

Turn complex and cluttered forms into interactive user friendly forms by showing and hiding fields based on the user’s selections and input.

Make use of 660+ icons that can be added to form fields. Font Awesome icons are vectors, which mean they’re gorgeous on high-resolution displays.

Allows you to easily add fonts from the Google Font Directory to use in your forms. Over 1200 fonts are made available in NEX-Forms.

More Key Features Of NEX Forms Plugin:-

  • Anti Spam Control
  • Email Autoresponder
  • Submissions Storage And Export
  • Form Export
  • Survey Fields
  • Pre Populate Fields
  • Popup And Sticky Forms
  • Same page forms
  • Ajax powered
  • Sidebar widget
  • File uploader fields
  • Hidden fields
  • Thumb selection fields
  • Styling toolbar
  • Taskbar
  • Personal preferences
  • Form validation
  • Max/min character limiting
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Live form previewer
  • Duplicate forms
  • Form templates
  • Unlimited forms

Customer Reviews :-

"Had a small problem and Paul fixed it quickly. It wasn't a problem with the plugin but the way I was configuring it.Plenty of form options and a nice clean layout for contact forms."

"Everything in this Plugin like a state of art . It's well documented, flexible to any needs and design and has plenty add-ons. Customer support as quick as a thunderstorm. 5 stars!"

"NEX-Forms is a great product. It is getting more and more features. I really like features and customizability. Customer support is great as well. I got my questions answered next day."

"The product is good, but once I found a conflict with my theme I expected Basix to ignore the issue, but Paul was great working with me to find the issue. It took some time, but he didn't stop. Now I have the forms running smoothly and gathering exactly the data I need. Great plugin. Glad I chose this one over another I was considering."

"Extremely flexible - can build very simple forms to multi-step forms with logic. The selection of form controls and styling options are almost unlimited. Works smooth and the support is extremely fast. I tested a number of WP form add-ons before deciding on this one and I never looked back since.Highly recommended!"

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